Why Content Marketers Need DAM for Brand Consistency

As your company grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep track of your company digital assets like logos, images, brand guidelines, video, stock photos, design templates etc. How do you accomplish that without wasting too much time? Well … the solution might be to utilize a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

All businesses depend on sales, especially when first starting out. The challenge we all face comes with attracting the right customer base. One of the most efficient and successful methods for increasing your client number is through content marketing. To illustrate, by keeping an active blog presence (one that highlights how your services benefits your prospects), you may gain more leads than expected. Yet, there is a caveat–it needs to be done the right way with a content marketing strategy that utilizes the right digital files to grab the attention of your leads and make them want to act. Not to mention, your files need to ensure brand consistency.

Scale up

Employing the right digital assets is critical for profitable content marketing execution. Yet, this process leaves you open to mistakes and inefficiencies since several people will probably be involved in pushing out the actual content. Imagine having to manage a bevy of digital assets on your own and all of the organizational challenges you may face. This is where a DAM system can come in to help keep you organized, while scaling up. For brand consistency, and ensuring you differentiate your company from your competitors, a DAM system is imperative.

You might have several types of files for several types of projects placed in several departments such as communications, marketing and creative. How can you logistically pull what you need, when you need it? With DAM systems, you can organize all of your digital assets so that they are easy to access. Not only does your content marketing plan benefit from a centralized digital repository, but you can also re-purpose and reuse your content when needed. So, instead of scaling down, you’re scaling up.

Succeed at analysis

When it comes to content marketing, the early bird really does get the worm. Who has time to wait months before figuring out how to move a marketing campaign in the right direction? Wouldn’t it benefit your sales results if you had the ability to make decisions more quickly? With a DAM system in place, it is now easy for your employees to find the right assets to back up their content. Over time, you have probably accumulated a wide variety of stock photos that are just lingering around on different hard drives inside your organisation. Why not make all these assets available and get them to work for your company?

Improve your reputation

If you want full control of your brand identity, consistency and assets, you need a DAM system. It is also essential that your assets stay secure, which can happen with a DAM system, where you can set up permissions so you decide who has access to which assets. The last thing you want is to have to track down a graphic partner if one of your assets is expired or you need to update a logo. Instead, your DAM system gives you the power to make needed digital improvements at your convenience. Not to mention you can access the most recent assets in the correct format at all times. This employs necessary brand consistency because you do not have to continually recreate assets. Instead, you have all of the assets your clients recognize available in an instant.

Save money

If your content marketing strategy includes multiple channels and touch points, you will then need multiple formats of your digital content. Using DAM software means you can create, store, distribute and search for digital content much faster. You can even utilize self-service design templates for all of your media needs from flyers to banner ads–as a result, you incur savings on design and production costs.

As you use a centralized system for digital artwork, you decrease the redundancy that comes with purchasing similar assets and images. In addition, you reduce oversights in marketing material production. The fact is, a DAM system helps you achieve streamlined approval processes that reduce your time to market. Moreover, you have an efficient system in place for the creation, storage and distribution of the types of digital artwork that enables brand consistency.

Consumers are quite weary of traditional advertising messages. They value authenticity and connectivity, which means that content continues to play an increasingly significant role in how companies engage with clients and prospects. As a result, it is imperative to have a system to ensure you evade failure and only reach the type of brand consistency that gives your business the legitimacy it craves.

In the old days, or about 5 years ago, a Digital Asset Management solution would required a small fortune. Today, you can get a Professional DAM solution for your company for about a dollar a day.

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