But, really: why does your business need to give a DAM about DAM?

Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time and effort trying to find a high-quality logo of your business? Photos from the corporate event? Specific guidelines for one of your projects?

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone who runs a business. The more your company grows, the more digital assets it’s going to create - and with a lot of assets, comes a great responsibility to store and manage them properly. Especially since “the organisational chaos” is likely to affect the productivity of your team, and the quality of materials that are created and distributed by your company.

It’s mostly because your files are not just files. They are all important pieces of the puzzle - documents, product images, videos, presentations... You name it. Losing or misplacing any of them can cost you money and time in the long run.

As a matter of fact, about $10,000 a year is said to be wasted on mismanaging digital assets. It might be because many companies struggle with providing their employees with access to them, which doesn’t only affect the collaboration between various departments but also lengthens the time spent on looking for relevant files and resources on the whole.

How to make sure your digital assets are well taken care of, and organised properly? The answer is simple: use a digital asset management software.


What is DAM software in the first place?

Digital asset management is all about having access to all your files, keeping control of them, and being able to share them with whoever you want to - both inside and outside your company. This, however, can be difficult without the right tools, especially if you want to keep your assets well-organised and safe.

That’s precisely why DAM software exists. It provides a secure repository for all your files, facilitating their creation, storage and distribution. This, in turn, gives your company plenty of benefits.

Top benefits of digital asset management software


#1 No doubts about accessing the correct or latest version of your asset

A dedicated digital asset management software ensures that everyone can access, edit, and download the same version of every digital resource your company posses. This way, there’s no confusion whatsoever, allowing the team members to work on the exact same files – which makes collaboration a lot easier.

At the same time, all the updates made to each file can be tracked easily. Not to mention that the assets are enriched with metadata – for example origin, copyright, or technical specifications, which is why searching for and browsing them becomes pretty straightforward.

#2 Keeping your digital assets safe and sound

You might think otherwise, but a proper DAM software can keep all your files and resources secure in the cloud. What’s more, you can also give or restrict access only to certain team members, and manage the permissions however you want to. There’s also an authentication process in place so that no one “uninvited” ever sees your files.

Speaking of safety, though, there’s also one more important thing to keep in mind: backups. If someone makes a wrong update or you simply need to access the older version of the file for any reason, you are able to recover it at any time.

#3 Searching for and browsing files easily

With an enormous number of digital assets, browsing them all can suddenly become a challenge. Fortunately, DAM software makes it possible to have an overview of all your files, browse them quickly, and find what you’re looking for almost immediately.

In fact, many digital asset management solutions have been designed specifically to ease the search for your digital assets. What’s more, many of these solutions also enable searching within your documents, including PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, or any other text documents. This makes looking for (and finding) specific sentences inside your assets a breeze.

#4 Sharing all your assets without problems

Granting and restricting access to your files doesn’t only come in useful when managing the permissions among your employees. In some cases, you might want to share your assets with people outside of your company - your business partners, for example. Yet again, DAM software can help you do it in a convenient way.

You will no longer have to send large files via email  - just share a link to your repository. Your assets will still be kept safe, and can even require a password to be accessed in the first place. Other than that, you can still track the permissions and changes made to the documents, so you can always be sure what happens to them once they were shared. 

And it goes the other way round as well. If your business partners need to share some large files with you, you can always ask them to upload it to your media library via a dedicated link. Just like that! Collaboration within companies has never been easier.

#5 Saving time, effort and money 

As already mentioned, mis-managing digital assets can cost you time and money. Let’s face it:  there’s no need to waste time on unproductive tasks, such as endlessly looking for files. DAM software doesn’t only make it easier to find and access the right assets but also improves the collaboration between team members and departments in the process. For example, it minimises the risk of your employees working on different file versions or creating unnecessary duplicates.

At the same time, careful digital asset management also helps you maintain consistency, which has an impact on the company’s brand image and the quality of materials that are released by your company. What’s not to like?


Does your business give DAM about DAM?

Here’s the bitter truth: no matter the size and type of your company, sooner or later it’s going to struggle with managing its visual and creative assets. As a matter of fact, the ability to manage and control all your resources properly should be something to strive for - especially if you have a lot of files and team members that might need or want to access them.

Fortunately, digital asset management doesn’t have to be daunting. As can be seen, dedicated DAM software can be a good place to store all your files in a secure and organised manner, and offer you a few important benefits on top of that.

It shouldn’t be surprising, therefore, that the demand for DAM software is growing - and there are already many digital asset management solutions available. From anything as simple as just organising your files in the cloud to complex enterprise software with powerful features available - you’re likely to find exactly what your company needs.

Actually, if you’re currently on the lookout for an intuitive DAM solution, try Filecamp. It allows organising, sharing, tagging, and distributing all your digital assets from one easy-to-use and custom branded platform in the cloud, and comes with unlimited users, advanced sharing permissions, file previews, and a mobile-ready user interface. And the best part? There’s also a free trial available, so you can test it out for yourself before making any decision. 

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