10 Software Every Business Needs for Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

10 Software Every Business Needs for Workflow Automation

Workflow management has never been more important for businesses of any size and type. Workplaces have gotten more dynamic, and employees are working out of different locations more than ever before.

Communicating, managing work, and keeping everyone on task and on the same page can be incredibly challenging. That’s why finding the right software can be a big help.

Workflow automation allows professionals and project managers to better connect with workgroups and staff and manage the work that is being done and will need to be done in the future. When you’re running a business, you want your time to be focused on growing it. When you can get a simple solution for tedious tasks that makes life simpler and easier, you should take it.

Why Have Workflow Automation Software?

The purpose behind having software to help with workplace management is that it can make your life easier. Why spend time doing certain tasks when you can have software do it for you? The best ones are flexible, and they will provide you with the tools you need to optimize your workflow in a way that makes sense for you and your team. It can help reduce redundant work, make your processes more efficient, provide you with insight into where you can improve your workflow, and do it all in a way that you can manage. Not everyone on your team has the same mindset, or the same skills, so workflow automation software should also be easy to use and customizable for every team that uses it. If you have software that is awkward or tricky to use for your staff, then it’s not worth it. Here are some of the best software to make your workflow easier.

10 Software Every Business Needs for Workflow Automation:


When it comes to remote working, it’s important to have everyone connected, and to make everything as simple as possible. Nobody wants to have emails going back and forth just to complete a certain procedure. With Automate.io, it’s simple to connect your cloud applications dealing with sales, payments, marketing, or any other business system. By integrating everything, you can create automated workflows that make sense, and can be as complex or as simple as you need them to be.

It’s a very user-friendly software full of drop-down menus and drag-and-drop features. You can connect just about any leading SaaS application. If you are using one that isn’t compatible, contact the Automate.io team and they will help you integrate it. It also has a time delay feature for your workflows, meaning you can time task delegation to maximize productivity and avoid missed deadlines. All of this is done through the cloud, so everyone is connected, and everyone is on the same page.


Running a business means getting the word out about your product or service, and providing solutions that your customers will want to buy. The more time you can spend selling, the more success you will have. It’s not necessarily productive to then have to process every purchase when you have it automated. That’s where GetYooz comes in.

Yooz is the best cloud-based purchase to pay solution on the market. It makes processing sales easier for you, and for the client. It is completely customizable, meaning that it will work with your applications seamlessly to make things simple for you. From the moment the client hits “buy,” Yooz will take care of everything, from processing the sale to sending a receipt. It also tracks everything. This helps with your own marketing and process improvements, but it also uses that data to provide customized experiences for your customers. When it comes to purchase and payment, there is nothing it can’t do.


The goal of Cflow is to automate workflows as simply and efficiently as possible. That means providing an easy user experience for anyone, regardless of their ability to code or work with cloud-based apps. Everything is customizable, from the dashboard to the reporting feature, and everything in between. You can set up any workflow process you need, with email reminders for tasks and deadlines, and an easy interface for delegation. Using Cflow is very intuitive, and is especially handy for processes such as invoice approvals. Documents such as invoices are easily shared among your work team so that everyone is on the same page and redundancies are reduced.


Nifty is another great option if you are looking for ways to better collaborate with your work team, whether you are all in the same office or working remotely. It provides a set of tools that do a great job of giving you the big picture of the roadmap to the completion of a project and the small picture of the daily tasks and meetings that you need to complete to get there. You can have tasks and subtasks that are connected to small and big picture aspects of your project, and the ability to create documents directly within the program makes sharing and editing simple.

The layout and interface are easy to use, so it will fit with any member of your team with any skill set. They have a responsible customer service and support team, so any issues can be ironed out quickly with as little disruption to your productivity as possible. There are various price points so you can build a version that works best with your budget and your needs.


If you are looking for an affordable solution for workflow automation, then look no further than Comindware. It provides a lot of customization, and can be scaled up for larger organizations and workplaces. It is less structured, which makes it a great choice for workgroups that need flexibility with what they do. Everything created and shared with Comindware is available both on mobile and desktop, with integrations for various email and cloud-based document applications. Its integrations allow for use among any department, from human resources to sales, and with any purchasing application as well. If needed, Comindware can be used on a project-to-project basis, as opposed to an entire workplace. Deadlines are set and emails are automatically sent out to team members as reminders. Document sharing for approvals and edits is a breeze, and the interface is simple and requires no prior experience.


Kissflow is one of the most robust workflow management solutions on the market. It offers a wide range of features and options, and is scaled for use by large organizations. It handles everything a business might need, including HR. If it doesn’t have something that works just right for your business, then you can build your own app using their drag and drop tools.

One of the best things about Kissflow is that it is remarkably easy to use and to learn. There is very little training required, and users of all skill levels can master it. Workflows are customizable, which makes delegating, prioritizing, and creating deadlines easy. When someone on the team completes a task, everyone else can get an alert so the whole team knows instantly where they stand in a project timeline.

Kissflow has easy accessibility with G-Suite but can integrate with most tools and apps. Since it’s designed for large workplaces, it can seem inflexible for smaller outfits, since it needs to be able to cater to a wide range of users, skill levels, and departments. However, if you’re willing to work within the framework, it can be a powerful tool for workflow automation.

Gravity Flow

Gravity Flow is a form-based workflow management tool that is especially geared towards marketers working in Search Engine Optimization. Gravity Flow uses their Gravity Forms to create workflows and transfer data into your CRM and other cloud marketing tools that you might have. Gravity Forms is a lead generation and contact tool that plugs-in with WordPress websites, meaning that your sales process can be automated by using the forms on your site.

Any form submissions through your website, whether they are questions, purchase requests, or customer service inquiries can be tracked through gravity form. Gravity Flow will then email the appropriate departments or staff members to track the request. It will also keep all of the requisitions for you, and place automatic deadlines for action set by the user. That way no deadlines are missed, and everyone is in the loop.

Gravity Flow can also be used for internet workflows and processes. For instance, it has a vacation request feature built right in. Submitting a form will go directly to the appropriate decision/maker, and the request will be approved quickly and the response sent directly to the employee. This is a perfect option for remote workplaces when making such requests can be tedious and can fall through the cracks by using emails and spreadsheets.

Process Street

Like the name suggests, Process Street is all about process. It has a very robust document workflow functionality, but is light on other features, such as analytics and reporting. When you need to meet deadlines and make sure that things are getting down, Process Street could be your best option.

It’s workflow management process starts with a document. That document can then be shared, edited, and approved within the software. Certain types of documents can trigger alerts and deadlines for certain users, making it run smoothly and without need for personal reminders. Users have access to a simple and customizable task manager tool that has drag and drop functionality that’s very user-friendly. Process street is more stripped down than other options on this list, which is perfect for workplaces that only need this functionality, and don't want to get bogged down with other options and features.


Nintex prides itself on being simple. It’s simple to develop workflows, it’s simple to automate the processes, it’s simple to use, and it’s simple to get the data and analytics you need. It can also offer wide ranging integration options amongs most cloud-based workplace applications, including content management software and on-premise systems.

While it is easy to use, there are still a ton of options from which to build your workflows. Not only that, but implementing the options is clean and simple. No need to understand coding. You can drag and drop, select from menus, and get things automated as quickly as possible. Nintex provides standard workflow templates, or you can build your own. It’s unique mapping design allows you to map out projects and processes to get a bird’s eye view of how work will be delegated and what needs to be automated. You can quickly easily spot areas for improvement and areas where you need alerts and deadlines.


Do you have a warehouse, manufacturing, or a large stock area? TrackVia is designed specifically to work with the applications that you are already using to create more efficient and integrated processes. Many warehouse and stocking applications are siloed, which can make it difficult for warehouse staff, but also for sales teams and procurers who are trying to track inventory. With TrackVia, you can seamlessly integrate all of your applications and set up tasks and notifications for all users.

It offers both online and off-line data entry, so work can be done at any time from anywhere. Access is cloud based and encrypted, so anyone can check on the status of shipments, manufacturing, and general operations through their desktop or mobile device. It is built to evolve along with the businesses that adopt it as well. As procedures change, TrackVia can be updated and changed as well to accommodate new realities and new manufacturing and warehousing processes. It can also integrate with most leading CMR software to make tracking customer behavior and purchasing history easier than ever. As soon as a purchase is made, it connects directly to the inventory, and then shows up in the customer history.


Workflow Automation is More Important Than Ever

Workplaces are more complicated than ever, but businesses of every size are using cloud-based solutions to make things simpler. However, one of the biggest challenges that businesses face, especially when staff are working remotely, is managing workflow and the time it takes to do it. However, with these workplace automation solutions, you can make your processes easier, and make sure that you never miss a deadline.

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