We take responsibility for protecting the environment … Filecamp actually runs on flowing water!

Energy from hydropower

Taking responsibility for the environment means there is an increasing need to obtain energy from renewable sources. Filecamp’s hosting partner exclusively uses energy from renewable sources to power the servers in its data centers. Their environmental partner is TÜV-certified NaturEnergie AG, a company that generates green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower. The energy generated by flowing water is, from an ecological viewpoint, considered to be the best form of power generation for the environment. 


Choose Filecamp with a clear conscience

Filecamp uses these measures to promote energy-efficient use of the internet. The associated costs will be met in full by Filecamp and not passed on to the clients. Choose a cleaner future together with Filecamp! 

Perhaps it is time to replace your old-fashioned, power swallowing FTP server with a greener (and a lot smarter) alternative?