Outsourcing and Remote Workers

Filecamp gives you a secure workspace to share files and collaborate with clients and sub-contractors.

More and more graphic and creative tasks are being outsourced to remote workers in other countries. On paper, outsourcing makes sense, you get a great deal on creative work that can save your business money.

However, in practice, outsourcing requires more than simply hiring someone at a lower rate. To really make it pay off, you’ve got to have the right tools in place for your team.

Many business that have tried to outscource some of their workflow to remote workers have learned it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page and keep projects moving forward.

Filecamp is a cloud based platform that gives everyone on your team access to your files in a secure workspace 24/7. Your artwork and other creative materials are available on your Filecamp from anywhere in the world via a web browser. There’s no software to install for you or your team. Built on core HTTPS technology, Filecamp was made for a global workforce.

Every Filecamp plan includes unlimited user accounts and a simple, yet powerful interface that makes it easy to control access to specific files and folders. This way your remote team has access only to the files and folders that they need.

With custom branding features, you can use your company logo and colors to brand your Filecamp. You get all these professional features and more, in a secure and affordable platform. When you use Filecamp to manage your files and your workflow, outsourcing and remote workers can really pay off for your business!


  • Custom branding. Share files while reinforcing your brand.
  • Easy to Use. Your clients and your team will love Filecamp’s simple, yet powerful interface.
  • Email notifications. Receive notifications when new files are uploaded to your Filecamp.
  • Extensive Logging. Keep track of everything that happens in your Filecamp.
  • FTP upload. Upload entire folder structures via Filecamp’s FTP upload feature.
  • Bonus. Filecamp was built from the ground up with features for creative businesses.