Image Proofing & Approval

Image Proofing & Approval

When your images needs to be Reviewed, Commented, Proofed and Approved.

Filecamp online Proofing & Approval makes it easy get instant feedback on your images and creative content. Intuitive commenting and markup tools mean clients, non-technical or new users can get up-to-speed right away.

Used by brands and agencies worldwide to simplify workflow and speed-up the delivery of marketing projects.

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Easy feedback

Simple tools make mark-up and commenting on proofs simple. Even non-technical users can work with online Proofing without training.

Effortless collaboration

See and reply to each others comments. This improves collaboration, speeds up approval and results in fewer revision cycles.

Streamlined approvals

Invite external persons to review and comment on one or more pages in Filecamp Proofing & Approval. Simply e-mail them a link to the pages you enabled.

Version control

As new versions are uploaded, old versions and their proof details are archived and easily accessible. You can quickly toggle between previous versions of the file.

Everything is logged

Every time a document or a page changes Proof Status, it will be recorded in the History file, which can be printed as documentation.

Online Proofing for all media files

Use Filecamp to review, comment and approve many different file types, including PDF, PSD, JPG, TIFF and many more file types will soon follow.

Edward Gooding

quoteDesigners love it, clients love it.

This is an essential addition to any studio who is interested in managing their workflow. Designers love it, clients love it. and it is well worth the small monthly fee.”

Edward Gooding, Creative Director,

Manage your image Proofing & Approval process in 4 easy steps:

Online Proofing & Approval with Filecamp in 4 Easy Steps


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