Share files professionally while reinforcing your brand!

filecamp_cloud_illu_900pxWith Filecamp you can share files with your clients and partners in a professional manner.

There are other services that offer to transfer a file from A to B. But most of these services are slow and unsuited for professional use. We think that when sharing your professional files, your brand should be the focus. You can easily customize the look of your Filecamp account so that it will fit into your Company branding. And, Filecamp contains a wide range of features that makes professional file sharing and collaboration simple and intuitive.

Filecamp is professional File Sharing, lightweight Digital Asset Management and Online Proofing … in one integrated, secure and cost-effective solution.

We understand that your brand is critical to your business. Filecamp fully integrates your brand for a seamless look-and-feel. Invite clients and partners to use your Filecamp account while reinforcing your brand!


Filecamp benefits:

  • Collaborate with your clients in an environment that elegantly presents your work
  • Share and store all kinds of files online, securely and easily
  • Accessible from any browser, any time, anywhere
  • No setup fees or long-term contracts
  • Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited Users
  • Unique branding possibilities
  • Login directly from your website
  • We take care of maintenance, and you will always receive upgrades automatically at no extra cost
  • Very easy to get started with (if you love reading heavy user manuals, Filecamp is not the right solution for you).

filecamp_segmentThe File Transfer, Digital Asset Management and Online Proofing market today.

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