The new Filecamp is here!

This page is about the gigantic Filecamp v4 update we have been rolling out in Q2 and Q3 2019.

Welcome to

August 1, 2019

Whew! All old accounts have now been updated and migrated to the new platform.

What you should do:

You can read much more about all the new features and improvements in our Knowledge Base, and follow the latests updates in the Release notes.



This FAQ contains answers for some of the frequently asked questions about the new Filecamp (v4).

"I'll be a Filecamp supporter for life!"
I just wanted to say well done! What you've built, or re-built was worth the wait and I couldn't be more thrilled. Really awesome job, you are a man of your word and delivered on every issue I had with the old version. I'll be a Filecamp supporter for life!

Tim Deasy, Creative Director / Founder, Standard Official™

Important notes to existing v3 customers:

For 90% of our customers all files, folders, users, folder permissions, user settings, and themes are migrated to the new platform without any issues. But when releasing such a large update, some modifications on your side might be necessary.

Especially these changes may require your attention:

Shared links

The way shared links were generated in the old Filecamp was not in sync with today's security standards. So we had to rethink/redo the way shared links work. Shared links in the new Filecamp are much more secure and trusted users can view and manage them from a list. Unfortunately this mean that shared links from the old Filecamp does no longer work after the update. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Read more about Shares


You could also create “Collections” from files stored in multiple folders in the old Filecamp. You can do the same (and more!) in the new Filecamp, but unfortunately it hasn't been possible for us to "translate"  your old Collections to the new format. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Read more about Collections


Your custom branding (themes) has been changed to fit into the new responsive and mobile-ready v4 interface. But you might want to check your custom branding and might have to upload a new logo file. Notice also that you can now also add a background image to your login page, add your custom Terms & Conditions, enter a small welcome text in the login box, etc. If you need help adjusting your existing themes to the new format, we are here to help.

Read more about Themes

User groups

User groups in the old Filecamp have always been a bit cumbersome, and not many of clients used them. In the new Filecamp, we have moved away from User Groups, but instead, we have made it a lot easier to bulk-add and edit multiple edit users.

Read more about Users

Folder tree

The new Filecamp is 100% responsive and mobile-ready. Unfortunately, this means that the folder tree menu from the old Filecamp didn't survive the transition. We hope that you will understand, once you have gotten used to the new way of navigating through folders.

Read more about the new User Interface


In the old Filecamp, notifications were (primarily) set by the account admins. This method had its pros, but it caused a lot of our customers' issues because our notifications were often marked as spam by some of these users. And this wasn't good for the overall delivery rate on our notification emails. In the new Filecamp, notifications is a personal setting that is initiated by the user. Your users can easily unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link in any of the notifications emails.

Read more about Notifications


In the new Filecamp the commenting system has been refined and made future proof. Unfortunately, this means that comments and markers added on files in the old Filecamp isn’t compatible with the new Filecamp. We are sorry but are hoping for your understanding. If you need "read only" access to old comments you can contact

Read more about Commenting

Log entries

Log entries from the old Filecamp has not been translated and migrated to the new Filecamp. The new Filecamp is a whole new system so most of the old log entries wouldn't make sense to export them to the new system.

Read more about the log

Own log in box

In the old Filecamp you could add a code snippet on your website to have your customers log in directly from there. Unfortunately, there were some security concerns with this method, and it's not longer possible. Instead we have made it a lot easier to created a beautiful branded login page with your own logo, background image and more. We recommend that you link to this login page instead of utilizing a login form on your website.

Read more about Themes

Auto Delete folders

This feature is not continued in the new Filecamp. It almost wasn't used by anybody in the old version, and it has always been a bit buggy. If more customers start asking for it again, we'll look into it, but it's not likely to be reintroduced in the near future. Instead we have made it easier to expire items and to search for expired items.

Read more about Expire and Search


Our prices on the Basic plan stays the same, but we'll double the storage from 10 GB to 20 GB. The prices for the Advanced and Professional plans will have much more storage included, and the prices will be increased.
BUT, all existing Filecamp customers will be rewarded for their patience and will get much more storage and pay the same (or less) as they did before the update.

With the new Filecamp we'll start billing in USD (US dollar)  instead of CHF (Swiss franc), this is to make our prices more transparent for our many international customers. And, again existing customers will NOT pay more than they did before the update. Everyone will benefit!

P.S. We apologize for releasing such a big update in one go. We are looking forward to having a solid and future-proof platform from where we can release super tiny updates more frequently.