Start Commenting

The fast and easy way to manage feedback and approval of pdf files, images and other creative projects.

Start Commenting

Select any file and click on the Comments tab icon_comments. This will open Filecamps Commenting tools where you can preview, add comments and change labels to files and to specific pages in pdf files. If there are open comments to a file you will see the Comments icon icon_comments next to the file as well.


The Proofing tools – page view


  1. Change Label
    Change Label for a specific page. The labels and colours of the Proofing status are determined by the Label set you have assigned to this folder.
  2. Add comment
    Start to write your message in the “Add a comment” field and click save. After you have clicked “Save” you can add a marker if you want to assign the comment to a specific location on the page/file. NOTICE: All comments are locked after 1 minute and thereafter can’t be edited or deleted. Other users can’t see your comment until 1 minute after you have saved them.
  3. Versions
    All previous versions of the specific file are archived and easily accessible. You can quickly toggle between previous versions of the page/file.
  4. Marker
    Lets you assign your comments to a specific area on the preview. When you click on a marker the corresponding Comment will highlight in the Comments column.
  5. Upload new version
    Upload a new version to this specific file. All old versions are stored and are can be toggled between.
  6. Choose between different views
    Choose to view this file in Thumbnail view (multipage pdf files only), Page view, Comments log view or Print view.
  7. Users
    Give other users access to the folder and choose if you want them to be added to the mailing list or if they should receive upload notifications (when new files or versions are uploaded to this folder). And send emails to the folders Mailing List. The recipient of the e-mail just needs to click on the link, log in and start reviewing and commenting.
  8. Download file
    Downloads the current version of the file.

The Proofing tools – thumbnail view

If it’s a multipage pdf file you can see a thumbnail view of all pages and add comments and label changes to each page. Click on the “Thumb views” button icon_view_gallery to see thumbnail view of all the pages in the pdf file. You can use the same features as in the Page view, but with a few modifications.


  1. Change Label
    Change Label for a specific page or a range of pages. Select multiple pages by holding down the shift key while selecting the pages.
  2. Open Comments
    See if a page has any open comments, and click on the Comments icon icon_comments to go directly to the page comment.