Customize your Filecamp account to reflect your company brand. With Filecamp Advanced and Professional plans you can operate with multiple Brand (Themes) within the same account.

Add / edit Brand

Enter the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143 and choose “Branding” icon_branding. Double-click on one of the predefined Brands or highlight+edit icon_edit) or create a new Custom Branding Theme by clicking on the “Add brand” button and the Brands curtain will roll down.

support_Brand_add_edit support_Brand_edit

In the Branding curtain you can quickly customize the look-and-feel of this Brand:


  • Name & Background color: Type in a “Window title”, which will be the name of this Brand. Use the colorpicker or enter a HEX #color value yourself, to specify a color for the Topbar background.
  • Icons color: Choose a color for the icons in the topbar. Choose between our predefined Black, White and Gray icon sets. If you have a dark color in the Topbar you should choose a light color for the Icons and vice versa.
  • Topbar pixel height: Specify a height for your Topbar (20-30-60-90-120-150-180-210 px).
  • Choose logo image and favicon: Click on image fields to select/upload another image for the logo image and favicon. For the best results use .png or .jpg in the same pixel height as your topbar.
  • Logo click URL: Enter a link to e.g. your website if you want your users to go there when they click on your logo file in the Topbar.
  • Custom help URL: Enter a link to e.g. your own Filecamp support pages if you want your users to go there, when they click on the Help link in the Topbar. Or hide the Help link by checking the “Hide help link” checkbox.



  • Login background color: Choose a Login background color (which is the background color on your Login page). Use the colorpicker or enter a HEX #color value yourself.
  • Marquee color: Choose a Marquee color which is the secondary color everywhere in your Filecamp account.
  • Default folder view: Choose between List or Galley view as your default view.
  • Press Save and see the result.

See which areas of your Filecamp account you can brand here.


Custom Branding is included in ALL Filecamp Plans. And in Filecamp Advanced and Professional Plans you can work with “Custom Branded folders which allows you to use more Brands within the same account.


Creating more Custom Brands

Share your Filecamp account with your clients in the client’s look-and-feel. You can create as many “Custom Brands” as you like!

Change default Brand

If you are working with more Brands within the same account you can choose which Brand should be your account default brand. Enter the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143  and choose “Branding” icon_branding. Select the Brand you want to be your account default Brand and press the “Select default Brand” button icon_star.

Notice: You will have to log out and log in again to see the change.

The order of the individual Brands can be change by the up- and down arrows.


Assign Brands to specific folders

Assign Brands to folders … and give your users a customized look-and-feel when they log in to your Filecamp account.

Assign a Brand to a folder

Navigate to the folder you want to assign another Brand, press the “Edit folder” button icon_edit_folder and choose another Brand in the “Brand (theme)” drop down menu. Press “Save” when you are done. From now on all users will see this brand (topbar, login page and colors) when entering this folder.

Notice: If you haven’t selected different Brand for a folder, the Default brand is always used.


Add /edit Brand

Creating more custom Brands

Assign Brands to specific folders