FTP Upload

Upload entire folder structures, and/or lots of GB in one go with Filecamp’s integrated FTP Upload feature.

Upload via FTP

Enter the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143 and choose “FTP upload” ftp_upload. Find your account FTP settings in the Info column.


Click the “Auto-generate” button only if you need to change FTP upload username and password. Click on the “Click to copy” button to copy the FTP information so that you can send the information in an email or paste it in to your FTP application.


Launch a FTP application (such as Transmit or FileZilla) and enter your FTP information. Connect and upload your Files.

Notice: Remember to enter the right Port number and to choose “Passive mode”.


When the upload is complete, go back to Filecamp, enter the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143 and choose “FTP upload” ftp_upload. Click the “Update” button to see a list of all the files you have uploaded via FTP.


When the list is complete, click the “Import” button and select which folder in Filecamp you want the files moved to. Press “Confirm” when your are done.



NOTICE: The FTP upload feature is especially useful if you need to move an entire existing folder structure to Filecamp.