As an Admin level user you have access to the Log where the activity in your Filecamp account is recorded.

View the most recent activity on your Filecamp

When someone signs in or out of your Filecamp, uploads, downloads or deletes a file, or has been sent a notification via e-mail, the activity will be recorded as an entry in the Log file. Each entry in the Log includes a time and date stamp, username and IP address.

All Admin level users have access to the Log file. To view the Log, access the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143 on your Filecamp and choose “Log” icon_log or click on the “Log” icon_log button at the bottom of your Filecamp window. The Log view shows you the last 1,000 log entries for easy access and review of most recent activity on your Filecamp.


Search log entries

When you want a more detailed overview of the activity on your account or to view older log entries, you can easily search using the Search log entries function. Search for specific usernames, tasks and types of activity, or define a time period you wish to review more closely. Some search queries you can use include: “username”, “download”, “upload”, “email”, “login”, “logout”, “trash”, “log”, “info”, “warn”, “error”.


Download log entries

Bonus! When you prefer to work with your log entries offline in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, you can download your log as a .csv file. To ensure fast processing of .csv downloads for everyone using Filecamp, we’ve limited the .csv downloads to one month at a time. Simply click on “download the log” and choose the year and month for the log entries you want to examine closer.


Please note: When you click on an IP address in the Log you will be taken to a geolocator service which provides the approximate geographic location of that IP address.