Quick Start Guide

It’s easy to get started with Filecamp and you can start sharing files with your clients and partners minutes after you have received your Trial account

This Quick Start Guide will show you how to personalize your Filecamp Trial account, Upload files, Add Users and set User Access in 3 easy steps.

support_qsg_1STEP 1

Customize your Filecamp solution

Log in to your Filecamp account using your Administrator Username and Password. Navigate to the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143. Click on the Branding Control Panel icon_branding and you will find a list of some predefined Brands we have created for you. Your account default Brand is marked with a star icon_star. Double click on one of the Brands to edit or select and press the “Edit Brand” button icon_edit.
Read more about how to customize your Filecamp account




STEP 2support_qsg_2

Uploading Files

Navigate to the folder you wish to upload to and do one of the following:
1. In most newer browsers you can simple just drag and drop files directly into Filecamp.
2. Click on the “Upload” icon_upload button to browse your computer for files to upload. Once you have found the files, highlight them and click Open.

When you start an upload process the upload curtain will roll down.
Read more about uploading files.

support_qsg_3STEP 3

Users and Access Points

To add a new User, open any folder and click the “Users” icon_user button. Then click the “Add User” button. When creating a new user you need to enter a Username and Password for that user. When you have added a user you can specify which folders you need to check the folder access checkbox to give the user access to the current folder.
Read more about Users and Access Points.






NOTICE: If you have provided us with your website address when signing up for your Free Trial, our Graphics Department will contact you as soon as they have reviewed and customized your account. You are welcome to contact them directly here.