Search for files & folders

Filecamp Search is a simple, yet powerful and useful tool that can help you find both files and folders with lightning speed.

Search for files and folders

Click on the Search icon icon_search in the the top right corner of your browser window. Enter the filename or part of the filename you are searching for into the search bar.

It does not have to be the exact filename, as Filecamp will also search for parts of a filename. You can also search for keywords that may have been associated with the file.



Managing Search Results

For more information on a specific Search entry, select on the specific file in the search results, and a larger preview and more information about this specific file will appear in the Info panel. To navigate to a specific file directly from the Search results, click the “Go to folder” icon icon_go_to_folder.


Downloading multiple files from search results

Highlight the files and folders (ctrl+click) from the Search results, and right-click and choose Download. A .zip file will be generated and downloaded with the selected files and folders.


NOTICE: You can also use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+f), (cmd+f on a mac) to start a search query.