Access points

It´s very easy to set up and manage Access Points so that your users can access ONLY the files and folders YOU give them access to.

Give a User (or a group) access to a folder

Admin level users can give other users (or User Groups) access to specific folders. Navigate to the specific folder you want to give a user access to and click the “Users” button icon_user.
support_access1In the “User” curtain check the Access checkboxes for the specific Users (or User Groups). And press “Close”.

support_access2Notice: if some of the check-boxes is “greyed out” and can’t be selected it´s because the user already has access to a parent folder. Also notice that if the username is not an email address a user can´t receive upload notifications or join the mailing list.

Learn more about creating and editing users.

See which folders a user (or user group) has access to

You can always see exactly which folders (access points) a specific user has access to. And you can easily remove access points by clicking on the delete Access points button (or right-click).