About Us


Created in 2010 with a vision for a better file sharing and digital asset management platform, Filecamp is built for businesses and professionals who work with graphics and rich media.

Boasting a rich feature set and a simple, yet powerful interface, Filecamp is used by over 35,000 people in more than 30 countries around the world.

Notable blue chip firms such as The Wall Street Journal and HBO, global corporations including Unilever, FSC and LEGO, and even small companies and freelancers are all using Filecamp to share files and collaborate with their clients and partners.




Jesper Faurby
Founder & Partner

Jesper is an entrepreneur with a background in graphic design and IT. He has extensive knowledge of the workflow, policy and procedures of advertising agencies, design firms and marketing departments. This deep understanding of what creative businesses need, and importantly don’t need, is what drives our work at Filecamp.

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Keld Vraakjaer
Founder & Partner

Keld is a self-taught software programmer and entrepreneur. He has been involved in internet technologies since 1995, when he launched his first business, an ISP that provides a highly regarded content management system or CMS. When it comes to building frameworks, Keld is an architect of the highest caliber.

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