Online Proofing and Approval

Online Proofing & Approval

Filecamp is cloud based file sharing with online proofing and approval that allows you to comment and collaborate on files.

Filecamp’s online proofing tools make it easy to get feedback on creative projects. With a simple and beautiful interface, your clients, partners, and team can access files for commenting, editing, and review wherever they are – 24/7 via a web browser on a Mac or PC.

Trusted by major brands and agencies worldwide to simplify their creative work process, Filecamp improves the efficiency of design and marketing projects by giving everyone easy access to commenting, review, and proofing tools.

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Easy to adopt

Filecamp uses file and folder structures and familiar drag-and-drop functions. Commenting is as easy as leaving a note, and you can approve designs with the click of a mouse. Now everyone on your team can collaborate online!

Online collaboration

With every comment available, creative projects can move quickly from start to finish without stepping backwards. When everyone’s voice is heard, you can be sure everyone is happy with the final design. Best of all, there’s no software to install for you, your clients, or your team.

Client approvals

Filecamp online proofing and approval makes it easy for clients and other third parties to review and approve projects. After you upload a design, you can easily email a link for approval with a click of a button, right from your Filecamp.

Version control

When you upload a new version of a file, old versions are archived so you can easily access them later. There are sometimes when you need to check an earlier revision to be sure you’ve covered all your bases. Filecamp makes it easy to toggle between different versions.

Status logs

Filecamp’s proofing and approval system allows you to collaborate on files and media online…and keep a record too! The log on your Filecamp keeps a history of every change to proof status. You can even print the log as documentation when needed.

Supports many files

Filecamp supports a wide range of files for reviewing, commenting, proofing and approval. Whether it’s a high resolution  Photoshop file, or a .pdf uploaded for a quick review, Filecamp gives you the flexibility to collaborate the way you want.

Edward Gooding

Designers love it, clients love it.

This is an essential addition to any studio who is interested in managing their process more efficiently. Designers love it, clients love it and it is well worth the small monthly fee.”

Edward Gooding, Creative Director,

Manage your Online Proofing and Approval process in 4 easy steps:

Online Proofing & Approval with Filecamp in 4 Easy Steps

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