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You are probably investing heavily in developing your brand
— to make it successful, you must be able to manage it.




The simple solution for building, organizing, evolving and distributing your brand assets.

With unlimited users in every plan, Filecamp is the perfect fit for freelancers and firms, and is the trusted solution for large enterprises such as Wall Street Journal, Unilever, and HBO.

Your own Brand Central

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors, and Filecamp is here to help. Store, share, and collaborate on your company logos, images, media files, stock photos and more. Use Filecamp’s custom branding features to make your brand portal truly feel like home.

Find the files you need fast

Filecamp includes a powerful search feature that quickly locates files. Whether you’re looking for an image, video, or a PDF document, you can find what you need … and fast.

Easy to use

Filecamp is a powerful cloud based brand central where you can easily control with a familiar file and folder interface. Available 24/7 via a web browser on PC or Mac, there’s no software to install and there’s no training needed to get started.

Room to grow

When your business grows, Filecamp grows with you. Built on core HTTPS technology, Filecamp is a secure and scalable cloud based solution. You can easily upgrade the storage to meet your needs at any time.

Share your brand assets

With a simple click, you can easily share files from your brand central. Whether it’s internal teams or external collaborators, everyone can access the files they need from a beautiful interface that showcases your brand assets.

Access control

By using Filecamp as your Brand Central you can ensure that all your colleagues and other intermediaries only use approved assets when they are communicating your brand. You can set up a variety of different users allowing them to edit, view, download or upload your assets as required.

Join the world’s top brands and experience global brand management.


Multiple download options

Download the original file, or download in a lower resolution on the fly. Files and folders can also be emailed directly from Filecamp, simply as a link, that points the recipient to a custom branded download page.


Advanced branding features

Filecamp provides a complete set of branding features and then some! With Filecamp’s Professional Plan, you get advanced branding features that include a white label option so you can remove all references to Filecamp completely.

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Trusted by clients worldwide

Trusted by businesses in over 30 countries around the world, Filecamp offers an industry-leading set of features.With Filecamp, your files are safe and your brand can really shine!




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