Online PDF Proofing and Approval

Filecamp offers next generation PDF proofing and approval built-in to a secure file sharing portal with custom branding and collaboration features.


Filecamp takes commenting, reviewing, and approving PDFs to a whole new level. Our Professional Plan includes affordable online PDF proofing and approval. We make it easy to proof and edit PDFs, right in your web browser.

With unlimited users, unlimited proofs of every PDF file, and secure access 24/7, Filecamp opens up a world of possibilities for PDF editing and review.

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Manage your online PDF Proofing & Approval process in 4 easy steps:

Online Proofing & Approval with Filecamp in 4 Easy Steps

Get feedback on PDFs fast

Filecamp features simple tools for PDF commenting and online mark-up. Available 24/7 via a web browser on a PC or Mac, there’s no software to install for you or your team. With no steep learning curve, it’s easy to get started collaborating online with PDFs.

Keep track of everything

All the activity on your Filecamp is tracked, automatically. Having a record of the proof history on a PDF is very important. Filecamp takes it a step further with a robust log that captures when people sign in and out, uploads and downloads, email notifications, and more. You can even the print the log or download a .csv for your records. With Filecamp, you’ve got full documentation of the PDF proofing process, plus more!

Client review and approvals

Invite your clients and partners to review and comment on PDFs, right on your Filecamp! You can securely invite third-party reviewers to comment, review, and approve your PDFs. Simply email a link to the pages you’ve enabled for review, and they can access them via your Filecamp from anywhere, anytime.

Version control

Keeping track of different versions can be a real headache on long email threads. With Filecamp, you can breathe easy knowing that when new versions of a PDF are uploaded, the older versions of the file and their proof details will be archived. You can quickly toggle between previous versions of the PDF file and access the archived versions at a later date.

Online collaboration that works

Easily see other comments on PDFs and reply. The best results are achieved when everyone’s voice is heard. With online PDF proofing in one central location, Filecamp speeds up the process of review, commenting and approval.

More than PDFs – many media types

Filecamp features online proofing and review for more than PDFs. You can comment, approve, and collaborate on many different file types, including PSD, JPG, TIF, SWF, MOV, AVI and more. Filecamp is a complete online collaboration solution. For freelancers and firms that work with graphics and media files, Filecamp allows flexible previews and downloads so everyone on your team can stay in the loop and your projects keep moving forward.

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