Brand Portal – equip your global teams with brand material

Filecamp is a cloud based brand portal that lets you easily share your brand guidelines and other brand related assets including images, videos, logos and more.



Filecamp Brand Portal allows you to customize the interface with your brand logo and easily distribute your brand assets and brand guidelines.

With unlimited users in every plan, Filecamp is the perfect fit for freelancers and firms, and is the trusted solution for large enterprises such as LEGO, Unilever, and HBO. When it comes to managing brand assets with a simple and powerful interface, Filecamp is the simply the best.

Brand Portal

Filecamp is a cloud based brand portal or marketing portal. Store, share, and collaborate on your company logo, images, media files, and more. Use Filecamp’s custom branding features to make your brand portal truly feel like home.

Find the files you need fast

Filecamp includes a powerful search feature that quickly locates files. Whether you’re looking for an image, video, or a PDF document, you can find what you need … and fast.

You don’t need a degree in IT

Filecamp is a powerful cloud based brand portal where you can easily control with a familiar file and folder interface. Available 24/7 via a web browser on PC or Mac, there’s no software to install and there’s no training needed to get started.

Room to grow

When your business grows, Filecamp grows with you. Built on core HTTPS technology, Filecamp is a secure and scalable cloud based solution. You can easily upgrade the storage to meet your needs at any time.

Enjoy sharing again

With a few simple clicks, you can easily share files from your brand portal. Whether it’s internal teams or external collaborators, everyone can access the files they need from a beautiful interface that showcases your work.

Custom branding for the win

When partners and the press access your brand assets, it helps to have a custom brand portal. Filecamp includes custom branding so you can share files and present your company in a professional manner.

More reasons why companies big and small choose Filecamp as their company brand portal


Multiple download options

Filecamp provides a lot of flexibility when downloading files. You can download in the original format, or download in a lower resolution on the fly. Filecamp will even let you download a low res version of an Illustrator file to easily insert for document creation in a program such as Word.


Advanced branding features

Filecamp provides a complete set of branding features and then some! With Filecamp’s Professional Plans, you get advanced branding features that include a white label branding so you can remove the Filecamp logo completely.


Trusted by clients worldwide

Used by businesses in over 30 countries around the world, Filecamp give you 24/7 secure access to your files. No matter where your time is, they always have access to brand assets they need. With Filecamp, your files are safe and your brand can really shine!




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