Professional Photo Database


Filecamp creates the perfect solution for photo management, optimized for managing and searching thousands of images and media files. Our clean, branded interface is streamlined for usability, making it very simple for any user to find what they need.


Web-based Photo Database

Using Filecamp, sharing files becomes easy and efficient. All media assets are directly accessed by any web browser through any firewall. No setup or plug-in is required. Filecamp’s intuitive and clean interface with drag & drop capabilities additionally reduces barriers for all users, enabling content to become accessible from everywhere in the world whenever required.

Finding and sharing content

Every media asset stored in Filecamp is quickly found via the search feature. Filecamp’s unique E-mail URL, Direct Download URL, Public folder URL and Upload URL features help to quickly distribute or broadcast content to the media, agencies, printers, departments or other target groups in such a way that your content is always securely delivered.

No training required!

At Filecamp, we realize user adoption is critical for the success of a Photo Database, so it we make it easy! Familiar front-end interfaces for browsing, uploading and downloading let your users work in Filecamp with no training or experience.


Filecamp is highly scalable with regard to storage space, functionality and price. It can therefore be used by small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

100% web-based

Access and manage all your media files through your web browser. No downloads required.

Easy distribution

Share and collaborate with clients and partners with a simple click of a mouse. Use Filecamp as your Corporate Photo Database as well as for everyday file sending & file receiving tasks.

Beautifully branded

We understand that your brand is critical to your business. Filecamp fully integrates your brand for a seamless look-and-feel. Invite customers, media and partners to use your Photo Database solution while reinforcing your company branding!


If your clients and partners can surf the internet, they can use Filecamp.

Your own Corporate Photo Database – made easy and affordable

Filecamp is the perfect choice for companies that need to share, distribute and collaborate on corporate photos and media files in a professional manner.


Your own Photo Database

With Filecamp you’ll get your own professional Photo Database where you can share and preview your corporate images, videos and all other media types with your clients and partners.


More control and security

Unlike our competitors, Filecamp’s Photo Database comes with unlimited users in all plans. You can choose permissions for each user, from admin to folder level.


Custom look-and-feel

Filecamp’s unique White Label approach makes it easy for you to customize your Corporate Photo Database with your company logo, colors and URL. Present a professional, polished image that instills trust and reinforces the strength of your brand.

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