Artwork Approval system

Because all artwork needs to be Reviewed, Commented, Proofed and Approved.


Artwork Approval system

Filecamp is an Artwork Approval system that helps you exchange feedback on creative content. Clients, new users or non-technical users can get up-to-speed immediately with our intuitive commenting and markup tools.

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    "Thank you Filecamp, we highly recommend it!"
    Filecamp has been the perfect media management tool for our corporation. Before Filecamp, we had company photos, logos, marketing materials, documents, and videos all over the place. Employees didn’t know where to reliably access our materials and were left often using outdated images and documents. Filecamp’s design is easy to use for both administrators and users. Having our media organized and accessible from one place will (and has already) greatly improved our company’s operations … and all of this for a fair price. Thank you Filecamp, we highly recommend it!

    Morgan Heinrichs, ANDE

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    "It’s fast and easy to use …"
    Filecamp delivers all the features we wanted without being overcomplicated. It’s fast and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for our needs.
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    "Easy to use, easy to control …"
    Filecamp gives us the perfect platform for managing secure access to assets, ensuring that our team know exactly where to find the most current version, but also which assets are available to our partners. Building Filecamp into our daily workflow was a smooth and easy process, and makes the sharing of assets a much slicker and more efficient part of that workflow. With file level or folder level access controls for both team members and external partners, we have peace of mind, as well as ease of use. I’d highly recommend Filecamp.
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    "Proofing and sharing files is so easy and the 'Multiple themes' thing is just the cherry on top."
    Filecamp makes it easier for us to collaborate with our clients on our graphic projects. Proofing and sharing files is so easy and the 'Multiple themes' thing is just the cherry on top. We love it!

    Mark Christistensen, TRUE™

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    The alternatives on the market were both messy and expensive”
    For us, FTP felt obsolete and the alternatives on the market were both messy and expensive – especially for our truck loads of data traffic. This is why we looked into what was available out there. Our criterias was that it should not require designated software and/or computer skills, and it should cost less than our old system. What Filecamp could offer really met our needs, and on top of that we have been able to smoothly tailor certain functions so that it would fit our business in the best way possible.

    M. Guldstrand, Bokförlaget Semic

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    "... and you were able to offer a solution that wasn’t over-developed and unnecessarily complex."
    We have very much enjoyed using Filecamp. It easy to use, reliable and you were able to offer a solution that wasn’t over-developed and unnecessarily complex. Thank you!

    Ned Jennison, Tata Harper Skincare

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    “It is a great easy solution for startups!”
    It is a great easy solution for startups! The application has many enterprise features. The customer support is excellent!!! They are very responsive to any questions that you may have. I highly recommend this Online Media Management System.

    Angelo Rombley, BEO Studios

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    “… Filecamp without a doubt has saved us time, money and has simply allowed us to serve our customers better.”
    A problem our company faced was how to successfully organize and manage the hundreds of proofs that we have for one single project? After researching several different solutions we thankfully found Filecamp. Our clients and employees love being able to view all proofs in one place, from anywhere. It’s notable that our emails were cut down by about 60% per project when we moved to online proofing. Filecamp without a doubt has saved us time, money and has simply allowed us to serve our customers better. Thanks again for an amazing program!

    Jasmine Ruth, Deluxe Design

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    “Filecamp is really giving us the feeling that we are an important client to them”
    We were looking for a portal which has a very easy upload function, and at the same time has the possibility to store large amounts of data which is available to our clients in a secured user friendly portal. Filecamp is providing that to us, and Filecamp is really giving us the feeling that we are an important client to them. Their support is very good and they are listening to the needs of their clients.

    Roger Maesen, FINVIZI

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    “Filecamp fit the bill perfectly.”
    We were looking for a file sharing platform which gives us the possibility to create personalized portals for our customers, Filecamp fitted the bill perfectly, we received a positive feedback from our customers on there personalized portal were they can download and upload common files. Filecamp is also easy to use.

    Joeri DE WINTER, Skyline Networks

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    Works "out of the box”, easy to set up, modify and maintain.
    We have 7000 assets that are changed regularly. Filecamp allows us to have a live cloud-based platform that our 2000 customers can easily access “live” information. It has recently been improved and provides much better value than more expensive clunky systems. Very happy customer!

    James Robinson, HORWOOD

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    "Highly recommended!"
    We were on the lookout for a professional file sharing solution, and Filecamp provided the perfect platform. Easy to use for both administrators and customers, it has many functions, and most importantly, it is extremely reliable. I have yet to experience any downtime. Customer support is fast, friendly, and efficient. Highly recommended!

    Fergal Keegan, PILGRIM Denmark

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    "The user-friendliness and configuration options are big pluses of Filecamp!"
    As a sports shop formula, sharing content is crucial. New product releases, marketing campaigns, and inspirational content are all being distributed through Filecamp and within hands reach for our entrepreneurs. The user-friendliness and configuration options are big pluses of Filecamp!

    Thijn de Bont, SPORT 2000

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    "It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable ..."
    We have used Filecamp for over three years on a daily basis and we love it. It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable.

    Niklas Mossvik, Stenbeck Partners

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    "I’d definitely recommend Filecamp to anyone looking for a file sharing or digital asset management platform!"
    Filecamp has allowed my team and those we collaborate with internally and externally to share all formats of files seamlessly. It has streamlined our file sharing and digital asset management system, keeping us organized and increasing productivity. The ability to adjust permission levels for users and to customize folder access for individuals has been extremely useful.

    Alexa Corcoran, VF Corporation (VFC)

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    "Filecamp has been the perfect platform for us..."
    Our company spent considerable time searching for a perfect platform for our needs in media sharing while remaining password protected. Filecamp has been the perfect platform for our communications to representatives, writers, and marketing partnerships.

    Kevin Wilkerson, Weatherby, Inc.

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    "Amazing program and great support"
    Filecamp is a fantastic solution, easy to use, and cost-efficient. We love the file-sharing function, which allows us to collaborate on files for marketing projects with our partners and customers.

    Torsten Schweizer, SPORLASTIC

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    "Filecamp has been a dream come true."
    Filecamp has been a dream come true. It is easy to navigate and makes finding the exact photo you need a quick search. We used to waste so much time trying to figure out where someone saved their photos and how they labeled them. Even employees with low levels of computer skills were able to understand Filecamp and utilize it immediately. It fit into our budget too! Filecamp has made me into the office hero. Thanks!

    Kelly Morris, Vacutech, LLC

Filecamp commenting and review system

Secure Third Party Approvals

Invite external partners to approve content through a secure email link. They are directed to a secure page displaying the approval content. External stakeholders can review comment or mark up files online, just like internal stakeholders.

Filecamp Online Proofing

Collaborative Review

Filecamp enables online proofing, simplifies workflow and speeds up delivery of marketing projects for brands and agencies in over 60 countries.

Use Filecamp to review, comment and approve all popular artwork file types, including multipage PDF files, and PSD, JPG, TIFF image files.


Keep everyone on the same page and up to date with notifications

Updates to your files can be delivered via actionable email messages so that everybody are informed when a comment is added or when a file changes label from e.g "Not Approved" to "Approved".

Each user can change their notification settings at any time, and changes are applied immediately.

Artwork Approval Features


Easy to adopt

Filecamp uses file and folder structures and familiar drag-and-drop functions. Commenting is as easy as leaving a note, and you can approve designs with the click of a mouse. Now everyone can collaborate online!


Client approvals

Filecamp online proofing and approval makes it easy for clients and other third parties to review and approve projects. After you upload a design, you can easily email a link for approval with a click of a button, right from your Filecamp.


Easy distribution

Share and collaborate with clients and partners with the simple click of a mouse. You can use your Filecamp as a online proofing system as well as for everyday file sharing tasks.


Online collaboration

With every comment available, creative projects can move quickly from start to finish without stepping backwards. When everyone’s voice is heard, you can be sure everyone is happy with the final design. Best of all, there’s no software to install for you, your clients, or your team.


Version control

When you upload a new version of a file, old versions are archived so you can easily access them later. There are sometimes when you need to check an earlier revision to be sure you’ve covered all your bases. Filecamp makes it easy to toggle between different versions.


Custom Branding

Put a professional face on your Artwork Approval system with Filecamp’s custom branding features. Use your company logo and colors, plus a custom URL to make a seamless transition between your company and your approval system.


Supports many file types

Filecamp supports a wide range of files for reviewing, commenting, proofing and approval. Whether it’s a high resolution Photoshop file, or a .pdf uploaded for a quick review, Filecamp gives you the flexibility to collaborate the way you want.


Safe and secure

Built on rock solid HTTPS technology, Filecamp is secure storage for your digital assets. With easy permissions, you can grant access to only the files and folders each person needs.


Save time, increase productivity

Filecamp has a simple and beautiful interface. If you enjoy reading thick manuals, this probably isn’t for you. Jokes aside, Filecamp saves you time and money when your staff doesn’t need any training to get started.

Manage your Artwork Approval process in 5 easy steps:

What is Artwork Approval?

An Online artwork proofing, feedback, review and approval tool is a web-based Collaborative software that helps studios with internal and client communication. Users are allowed to upload files to a central repository where other users are allowed to mark up, annotate, add comments and/or approve them.
  • Get accurate feedback on work-in-progress design pieces.
  • Saves time for the studio and their clients
  • Prevents interpretation mistakes.
  • Allows studios to have all the information that was sent/received in a central place.
  • Enables a person in a different place and/or timezone to give/receive feedback
Source: Wikipedia

File collaboration, solved.

These days, everyone is drowning in email, especially creative businesses and their clients who are reviewing and commenting on designs via email. Beyond the sheer volume of messages back and forth, email is a twisting thread and there is always the risk of reviewing the wrong version of a file.

With Filecamp’s Online Proofing & Approval tools, creative businesses and their clients can forget about emails and phone calls to handle reviews, comments, and approvals. All notes and revisions are stored right with the project, right on your Filecamp. You can provide access to the files for review on your Filecamp to anyone who is involved in the project.

No software to install or download, for you or your clients ... you just need a browser and access to the internet.



With Filecamp you can easily add comments to your files. You can even place markers to point out exactly where you want your changes made.



Review, markup and approve your files with labels that makes sense for you and your workflow. Everyone involved in the project will know exactly which proofs are approved and which needs a little extra work.



Send review invitations to get things started. Anyone with an email address can be included in a review workflow, even if you haven’t added them as users on your Filecamp.



Files can be reviewed, commented and approved anytime, anywhere on PCs, Macs, smart phones or tablets. It is the ideal solution for busy, high-performance marketing teams working in multiple locations.


+ get your own Digital Asset Management system!

When choosing Filecamp as your online artwork approval platform, you will automatically get a full-blown Digital Asset Management platform thrown into the deal. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are designed to enable you to store digital assets and assign metadata to your library of images, videos, presentations, logos, design files, documents and other brand assets for better searchability.

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