Brand Asset Management

Filecamp is an easy to use brand asset management system that gives you straightforward file sharing and brand management for brand guides, brand assets, and more.


Centralize & share your brand assets.

When your users can't find the right file version in an unwieldy email chain or when they get throttled by an attachment size limit, productivity is crushed. Filecamp lets your team share files inside and outside your organization through their favorite access methods. Trusted users can monitor and manage access for other users.
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Grant Granular User Access with Custom Folder Permissions

Filecamp's permissions and folder access settings give you flexible and intricate ways to control file and folder access. Some administrators need sophisticated permissions where others just want simple yet adaptable access rules. Filecamp gives you both, and more.


Designed with your brand in mind

Filecamp comes with some unique branding possibilities, and you can brand as many separate “sub-accounts” for your Filecamp as you’d like. You can customize the login page and overall logo and colors for each client so they have a unique experience that is centered on their brand.


Easy to manage

Filecamp is a 100% cloud-based solution, and comes with unlimited users, advanced granular sharing permissions, file previews and mobile ready user interface.

Control permissions & download agreements

Make specific folders public and link to trem from your website. Add permission controls to other folders, or prompt your users to login and agree to a customized license agreement before downloading files.

Filecamp’s brand management platform gives your business a solution for sharing images, videos, digital assets and more.

Brand Asset Management

Filecamp is a cloud based brand asset management solution. You can easily save, manage and share your company brand assets – photos, logos, videos and other digital files. Everything is accessible via a secure platform available on the web 24/7.

The sky’s the limit

Filecamp is highly scalable and our platform supports global enterprises including businesses in over 60 countries around the world. Whether you are sharing terabytes of data each day, or only one large file every other day, Filecamp can meet your needs now and in the future.

Download options for images

You can download images in different formats, resolutions and sizes from Filecamp. For example, you can download an Illustrator file in a lower resolution format for inserting into a Word document, right from your Filecamp. This is especially helpful for collaboration between designers and less tech-savvy members of your team.

Find it in a flash

We’ve built powerful search into every Filecamp account so you can easily find logos, images, videos and other media. Once you’ve found the file you need, choose from a set of easy sharing options to securely share with only the people who need access at that time. All with a few clicks of your mouse.

Share and collaborate with ease

Filecamp is designed with a lot of features that make it an ideal brand asset management system for any company. With easy file sharing and collaboration features in our Professional Plans, you can use Filecamp for all your file sharing needs.

Custom branding options

Filecamp includes custom branding in all plans so your brand can shine. With our Professional Plans you get unique white label features and the ability to custom brand folders for your clients and partners too. Filecamp is all about putting your brand out front and on center stage.

Familiar file and folder structure

For a brand asset management system to succeed, people have to actually use it! Filecamp has a simple, yet powerful interface that uses familiar file and folder, drag-and-drop, functionality. There’s no training required for you and your team to get started.

Let your brand shine

Filecamp is all about you and supporting your brand. All of our plans include custom branding features which let your brand shine. You can customize your Filecamp with your brand logo and colors so it feels more like an extension of your business than a separate service.

Trusted across the globe

Filecamp is trusted as the brand asset management platform for major enterprises worldwide. Businesses in over 30 countries use Filecamp for sharing and collaborating on files. With unlimited users in every plan and no software to install, it’s clear why firms big and small choose Filecamp to get the job done.

"Very quick to use and aligned with our business needs."

Jon Spencer-Hall, Core Five LLP

"I'll be a Filecamp supporter for life!"
I just wanted to say well done! What you've built, or re-built was worth the wait and I couldn't be more thrilled. Really awesome job, you are a man of your word and delivered on every issue I had with the old version. I'll be a Filecamp supporter for life!

Tim Deasy, Creative Director / Founder, Standard Official™

"FileCamp has streamlined our asset sharing process and allowed us to increase our productivity levels."
For a business like ours where we rely on external accounts to promote our brand to their audiences, FileCamp has provided a simple & effective way to ensure the integrity of our brand remains withheld. By providing a platform that is so easily managed at an administrator level and is intuitive for our users, FileCamp has streamlined our asset sharing process and allowed us to increase our productivity levels.

Pip Kirkwood, Brooksrunning

“… Filecamp without a doubt has saved us time, money and has simply allowed us to serve our customers better.”
A problem our company faced was how to successfully organize and manage the hundreds of proofs that we have for one single project? After researching several different solutions we thankfully found Filecamp. Our clients and employees love being able to view all proofs in one place, from anywhere. It’s notable that our emails were cut down by about 60% per project when we moved to online proofing. Filecamp without a doubt has saved us time, money and has simply allowed us to serve our customers better. Thanks again for an amazing program!

Jasmine Ruth, Deluxe Design

What is Filecamp?

Whether you're a brand or an agency, Filecamp can help you boost your brand consistency and improve collaboration with your clients and other stakeholders.
Moreover, Filecamp is a fully-fledged yet simple cloud version of an enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with efficient file search, tagging, commenting, unlimited users, advanced user permissions, and more.

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