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Commercial printers benefit when file exchange is easy with a secure cloud based media library. Whether it’s PDF, EPS, or PSD… Filecamp makes it easy as 1,2,3.

With file sizes increasing every year, even small commercial printers need a platform to easily share and collaborate on files.

Filecamp’s simple interface and secure cloud platform make it easy for you and your clients to share files, from across town, or from across the globe.

Filecamp is a cloud based file sharing platform which means there’s no software to install, for you, your clients, or your team! Built on HTTPS technology, your Filecamp is a secure and affordable file sharing and digital asset management platform built for working with large graphics files. Everyone gets secure and easy access via their web browser to only the files and folders you specify.

You can customize your Filecamp with your printing company logo and colors to make it your very own. When your clients download a file, it feels more like an extension of your website than a separate service. This goes a long way to making small firms in the printing industry look as good as they feel when collaborating on projects with larger firms.

When it’s time to show-off a project, you can easily create Professional Image Libraries for your clients to check on your progress. With our Professional Plan, you can even turn your Filecamp into an online proofing and approval system, where clients can approve the next phase of a project, right on your Filecamp! This really helps reduce email and keeps everyone on a project moving forward together.

With email notifications and public upload folders, Filecamp makes it easy for clients to send you files, and you know the instant they are uploaded.

For companies in the printing industry that are still using legacy tools, we help you make a smooth transition to Filecamp. You can upload files to your Filecamp using your web browser or transfer entire folder structures via traditional FTP software.

The printing industry is a global industry. Filecamp is used by businesses in over 60 countries around the world, and our secure cloud based platform is available 24/7 via PC or Mac. Commercial printers trust Filecamp as the affordable and professional solution for cloud based file sharing and collaboration.

Our customers in the Printing Industry especially benefits from:

  • Custom branding. Share files while reinforcing your brand.
  • Multiple themes. Create custom branded experiences for different clients. 
  • Easy to Use. Your clients and your team will love Filecamp´s simple, yet powerful interface.
  • Online proofing. Online commenting and approval of artwork.
  • Email notifications. Receive notifications when new files are uploaded to your Filecamp.
  • Extensive Logging. Keep track of everything that happens in your Filecamp.
  • Bonus. Filecamp was built from the ground up with features for creative businesses.
"Thank you Filecamp, we highly recommend it!"
Filecamp has been the perfect media management tool for our corporation. Before Filecamp, we had company photos, logos, marketing materials, documents, and videos all over the place. Employees didn’t know where to reliably access our materials and were left often using outdated images and documents. Filecamp’s design is easy to use for both administrators and users. Having our media organized and accessible from one place will (and has already) greatly improved our company’s operations … and all of this for a fair price. Thank you Filecamp, we highly recommend it!

Morgan Heinrichs, ANDE

"The interface is intuitive and the service has never had stability or access issues..."
File Camp is a great platform for supporting our brands globally. We can provide access for agencies and partners around the world with ease. We have had a lot of success using the File Camp platform for sharing and distributing our visual assets. The ease of use and browser-based access makes the tool ideal for building brand consistency. We have been using File Camp for nearly five years now and have been very happy with the navigation and ease of use. The interface is intuitive and the service has never had stability or access issues. Being able to preview so many different file formats through a browser is a tremendous advantage and is one of the many exceptional functionalities that the tool has to offer. We’re very happy with File Camp and I recommend it as a platform to other colleagues and peers. Thank you, File Camp!

Ethan Cebulash, GMAC™

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