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A great ShareFile alternative:
Filecamp is an affordable, flexible, and customizable DAM.

We don’t think the “best” digital asset management solution exists. Rather, we believe each business has different needs that require different solutions. Here are some of Filecamp features to help you make the right choice.


Add labels to your files for rating, easier indexing or proofing purposes. Create your own labels that make sense given your workflow.
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White Label

Ensure a professional look and feel and make FileCamp your own custom DAM with your brand proudly represented.
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Custom thumbnails

Filecamp features a slick and user friendly interface, but you can add visual cues for files and folders.


Granular access

Clients and partners can only access the specific files and folders you’ve allowed them to.
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Branded folders

Set different themes for different folders to take custom branding to a whole new level.
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Create custom pages with the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Pages will even appear in the main navigation.
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With most types of digital media files you can read, write, and edit metadata, all without leaving Filecamp.
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Filecamp provides flexibility for downloading files. You can download in the original format, or a lower resolution as needed.



Filecamp servers are located in a secure data center with 24/7 surveillance. We use the secure HTTPS protocol for all file transfers.
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Request files

Receive files and folders – big or small – from anyone, right into your Filecamp.
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Create “Collections” from files stored in multiple folders for easy collaboration and distribution of files. 
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Auto tags

Let Filecamp automatically analyze and tag your images to improve search and discovery. 
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“It is a great easy solution for startups!”
It is a great easy solution for startups! The application has many enterprise features. The customer support is excellent!!! They are very responsive to any questions that you may have. I highly recommend this Online Media Management System.

Angelo Rombley, BEO Studios

"Filecamp ties our customers closer to us and saves us time on re-delivering files."
We use Filecamp to deliver files to our customers. It ties them closer to us and saves us time on re-delivering files. As far as I know, there isn’t a digital asset management solution out there that is as productive and flexible as Filecamp.

Jocke Gustafsson, F22 studio AB

"Very intuitive and easy to use. I recommend!"
Filecamp is the best way to share my files with my clients as a beautiful presentation. Very intuitive and easy to use. I recommend!

Katia Azulay, galibelle

The Filecamp difference.

Learn how Filecamp can help you manage and share files more efficiently.

Transparent pricing

Filecamp's pricing is 100% transparent. No need to worry about initial costs or hidden fees.

Intuitive and user friendly

Forget complicated setups and cumbersome user interfaces. Filecamp offers  Digital Asset Management right out-of-the-box.

Self-service & no hassle

No matter the plan you’re interested in, you can start with a free trial with unlimited users and full functionality.

Unlimited users

Filecamp comes with unlimited users in every plan — you can expand your team and customer base without increasing costs.

Custom branding

Brand your Filecamp system to reflect your company's look and feel - all without the cost of creating your own DAM.

First-class & personal support

Filecamp is run by a dedicated team. You won’t need us often but when you do, we’ll be here.

Filecamp versus  ShareFile

 We don’t mean to brag, but Filecamp offers a lot of features, and for teams, costs a lot less.

Filecamp vs. ShareFile – the moment of truth

FilecampStarting at $29/month
(unlimited users)
Try now
ShareFileStarting at $50/month
(5 users)
Unlimited users
Unlimited storage
Granular access
Share file links (get a link)
Share folder links (shared folders)
Office 365 integration
Multiple themes
Search for file names/tags/keywords

Only file names.

Embedded metadata (XMP)
Request file links (request a file)
Pages (WYSIWYG editor)
Auto tags
White label
Custom thumbnails
Lowres download
Commenting & markers
Activity log
Trash feature (Recycle bin)
Custom terms & conditions
Branded login page
Mobile ready/responsive UI
Mobile app
Version control
Email notifications
Own secure URL (e.g. files.yourcompany.com)
Brand guidelines
Access request
Asset expiration
Drag and drop uploads
Single Sign On (SSO)

Will be implemented.


Will be implemented.


Try Filecamp for free

Our product sells itself. Don’t believe us? Give Filecamp a try for free! Enjoy unlimited users and full functionality.

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Filecamp Digital Asset Management

Filecamp vs. Sharefile – Price comparison

Sharefile is a bit cheaper for single users. However, for companies and teams the costs quickly add up. With Filecamp, on the other hand, you enjoy low prices no matter your team’s size.

Cost comparison chart

Filecamp vs Sharefile

FilecampStarting at $29/month
Try now
SharefileStarting at $10 / user / month
1 user



5 users



20 users



+100 users



Disclaimer: Filecamp's pricing is 100% transparent. Sharefile's pricing is harder to find but we have made this comparison chart as accurate as we could.


Filecamp: An intuitive, customizable interface.

Which user interface do you prefer? Preferences are subjective but Filecamp’s UI is easy to use and you can white label it with your brand.

Notice: Both Sharefile's and Filecamp's user interface can be customized to reflect your company logo and colors.
Filecamps user interface
Filecamp's user interface
Perhaps we are biased but we think this looks more slick and user friendly.

Sharefiles user interface
Sharefile's user interface
We think this looks a bit more complicated and cumbersome. But maybe it's just us ...


Filecamp is a top-rated file sharing solution

Don't just take our word for it. See how Filecamp compares to other file sharing solutions based on customer reviews on Capterra.

digital asset management software - mobile ready interface

What is Filecamp?

Filecamp is a cloud-based file sharing solution that helps companies organize and share their digital media files such as images, videos, and documents.

Filecamp offers unlimited users in all plans, and each user is configured with their own set of user and folder permissions.

Unique custom branding options will make sure your file sharing system matches your brand guide.

More than 1000 brands from + 60 countries trust Filecamp with their file sharing needs.

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