FTP Alternative – fast, reliable, easy to use … and good-looking

Say goodbye to ftp server software and all the headaches and maintenance on the hardware!

Filecamp - the perfect FTP Alternative


Filecamp is a cloud based platform that is available anywhere in the world 24/7 via a web browser on your Mac or PC. Based on core HTTPS technology, Filecamp is a highly secure and efficient file sharing and collaboration platform.

Every Filecamp includes unlimited user accounts, so you always have room to grow. Your Filecamp does all the work of FTP and then some. You get custom branding and sharing features that you could never get from FTP server software. Best of all, Filecamp is affordable. You can ditch your on-site server and say goodbye to the associated maintenance costs. With Filecamp, costs go down and productivity goes up.


Filecamp is an elegant alternative to FTP

It’s hard to justify the cost of an on-site server when you can pay much less for Filecamp and get a cloud based FTP replacement that has a host of other features. With Filecamp, all you need is a laptop to share files and collaborate like a pro.

Anyone who has used FTP for sharing files knows that FTP can be incredibly frustrating. There are slow downloads, firewall issues, and FTP software clients to manage. When you’re working with your team this can be a real drain on productivity. When you’re working with clients and partners who aren’t very tech savvy, FTP can be a no-go.

Fast, reliable, and easy to use, Filecamp puts an end to the frustrations of FTP while improving your professional image with custom branding features. Maintaining your own FTP server is simply too time consuming when there is more important work to be done.

From small firms and freelancers to blue chip firms like HBO, Wall Street Journal, and LEGO, companies of all sizes trust Filecamp to manage their files. Used in more than 30 countries around the world, Filecamp is a 100% cloud based solution that’s designed for a global workforce. Whether you’re across town or around the world, your team stays in sync and your files stay secure.

With no software to install and a simple, yet powerful interface, Filecamp puts you in control of managing your files like never before. Easily create access limitations for files and folders, and use custom branding to add your logo and make your Filecamp really your own!

Share files in a flash

Quickly find, preview and share files from your Filecamp with our powerful and convenient search feature.

Build your brand

Custom branding features let you share files and collaborate with clients and partners while reinforcing your brand!

Easy user management

Every Filecamp includes unlimited user accounts. Easily control access to specific files and folders.

100% cloud based

Filecamp is a cloud based FTP alternative. You can access and manage all your files through a web browser on PC or Mac.

Online collaboration

With our Professional Plan you get online proofing and review features that are simply not possible with typical FTP server systems.

Highly scalable

Filecamp gives you the features you need now, and with an architecture that supports terabytes of data, the sky’s the limit for the future.

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