Custom Branded Folders

Custom branded folders let you give your clients their own image library or file sharing portal that feels just like home with their logo and colors.

Filecamp comes with some unique branding possibilities for sharing files and collaborating with your clients and partners. You can brand your Filecamp with your company logo and colors so it feels like a solution provided by your business.

But hey … why stop here? Why not give you the opportunity to brand your client’s Filecamp experience too? With Filecamp’s Custom Branded Folders that’s exactly what you can do. Using the Custom Branded Folders feature, you can brand as many separate “sub-accounts” for your Filecamp as you’d like. You can customize the login page and overall logo and colors for each client so they have a unique Filecamp experience that is centered on their brand.

When you provide your clients a branded and secure file sharing and media management solution with little effort on their part, they are often happy to contribute to the cost or pay you for the service as a value-add to existing services. Some Filecampers use the Custom Branded Folders feature as an additional source of revenue!

The following examples show how easy it is to create custom branded experiences for different clients using Filecamp:

custom branded folders1custom branded folders2custom branded folders3custom branded folders4

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PLEASE NOTE: Custom Branded Folders are included in Filecamp Advanced and Professional Plans. Our 30-day free trial gives you all the features of the Professional Plan, so you can see the possibilities of Custom Branded Folders for yourself.