Online Proofing & Approval

Cloud file sharing with online collaboration that includes reviewing files, commenting on files, and approving files — online, anytime.

These days, everyone is drowning in email, especially creative businesses and their clients who are reviewing and commenting on designs via email. Beyond the sheer volume of messages back and forth, email is a twisting thread and there is always the risk of reviewing the wrong version of a file.

With Filecamp’s Online Proofing & Approval features, creative businesses and their clients can forget about emails and phone calls to handle reviews, comments, and approval. All notes and revisions are stored right with the project, right on your Filecamp. You can provide access to the files for review on your Filecamp to anyone who is involved in the project.

With Online Proofing & Approval on your Filecamp, it makes it much easier to work with teammates and clients across multiple time zones, a common working practice nowadays. With 24/7 secure online access from across the globe, your clients and team can collaborate and your project keeps moving forward.

Some examples of the Online Proofing & Approval features available with all Filecamp Professional Plans


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No software to install or download, for you or your clients.

Easy feedback on artwork files

Built-in tools make it easy to markup and comment on proofs.

Effortless collaboration

See and reply to comments from other team members and your client. This improves collaboration, speeds up approval and results in fewer revision cycles.

Everything is logged

Every status change to a document is recorded in Filecamp. This is a handy way to provide documentation when needed.

Invite more collaborators

Easily invite people outside your organization to review and comment on your project through Filecamp. Simply enable access to those files and email a link. Your other files remain secure. And with unlimited users, you can invite as many people as you’d like.

Many different media and file types

Use Filecamp to review, comment and approve many different types of files and media, including PDF, PSD, JPG, TIF, SWF, MOV, AVI and more.

Version control

As new versions are uploaded, old versions and their proof details – markers, comments and time stamps – are archived. You can easily toggle between previous versions of the file in case you need to take a small step back to move the entire project forward.

Manage your online workflow in 4 easy steps

Online Proofing & Approval with Filecamp in 4 Easy Steps

PLEASE NOTE: Online Proofing & Approval is included in Filecamp Professional Plans. Our 30-day free trial gives you all the features of the Professional Plan. This way, you can experience the benefits of Online Proofing & Approval for yourself.