Advertising, Communications, and Design Agencies

Filecamp is a secure file sharing and collaboration tool that’s tailor-made for you.

Having the right tools for collaborating on client projects is a must for Advertising, Design and Communications agencies. Whether you run a large or small agency, in today’s world of global online collaboration, you’ve got to have the right platform to connect your clients and your team.

Filecamp is a secure and affordable file sharing and collaboration tool that gives ad agencies the tools they need to succeed. With unlimited users, there’s nothing to hold your business back from growing!

All Filecamp plans include custom branding features so when your clients interact with Filecamp, they see your brand. Our Professional Plan offers white label features and online proofing tools so you can share files and collaborate like a pro!

Filecamp is a complete digital asset management solution, or brand management tool, so you can offer an additional service to your clients by creating a custom brand portal.

For your smaller clients who only need the benefits of an Image Library prepared by your design or communications agency, we’ve got a great feature called Collections. Each Collection can contain images from various folders and makes it easy to share with internal and external collaborators on your design or marketing project.

Online Proofing & Approval tools enable you to work directly with your clients on Filecamp. It’s a secure collaboration platform, and it’s welcome relief from trying to track down emails with the latest revision of a file. With easy user management and folder permissions, you can easily share digital assets with your clients, and they only see the files or folders you want.

When it comes to internal collaboration and external collaboration for Advertising agencies, there’s one more feature we designed for you – Public Upload Folders. While many services offer easy public download links for collaboration on projects, Filecamp goes a step further with public upload links that provide a secure way for collaborators and clients to upload to your file sharing platform.

All these features, online, anytime, and at a price you can afford. Don’t box yourself in with a limited file sharing solution, Filecamp was built from the ground up for marketing and advertising agencies. All of our file sharing features are tailor-made with you in mind.


  • Custom branding. Share files while reinforcing your brand.
  • Easy to Use. Your clients and your team will love Filecamp’s simple, yet powerful interface.
  • Email notifications. Receive notifications when new files are uploaded to your Filecamp.
  • Extensive Logging. Keep track of everything that happens in your Filecamp.
  • FTP upload. Upload entire folder structures via Filecamp’s FTP upload feature.
  • Bonus. Filecamp was built from the ground up with features for creative businesses.

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