Digital Asset Management (DAM) – made easy & affordable!

Easily share your digital assets and control access and usage.
Filecamp comes with unlimited users in all plans.

Digital Asset Management


Your files are only assets if you can efficiently use them. Filecamp is a professional and affordable cloud based digital asset management system. We built Filecamp from the ground up to make it easy to store, find, and share your digital assets.

Based on secure HTTPS technology, your files are available anywhere in the world at anytime via a web browser on your Mac or PC. Best of all, there’s no software to install! Filecamp’s digital asset management platform is more than a system for managing your digital assets, it’s a solution for your business.

Online Digital Asset Management

Filecamp is a cloud based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that enables you to transform your digital library into logical order. Filecamp makes it easy to organize and search thousands of rich media files.

Save time, increase productivity

Filecamp has a simple and beautiful interface that makes finding and sharing files a breeze. If you enjoy reading thick manuals, this probably isn’t for you. Jokes aside, Filecamp saves you time and money when your staff doesn’t need any training to get started.

Used by businesses big and small

Used by businesses in over 30 countries, Filecamp is designed to meet the needs of freelancers and large firms. Collect all your digital assets in one managed, cloud based workspace, easily accessible via a web browser on your PC or Mac 24/7.

Safe and secure

Built on rock solid HTTPS technology, Filecamp is secure storage for your digital assets. With easy permissions, you can grant access to only the files and folders each person needs.

Broad file support

From simple Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to rich graphics and media files, Filecamp supports them all. Quickly upload and share files and enjoy visual previews of formats such as Adobe Illustrator, right on your Filecamp.

Your brand, your DAM

Put a professional face on your digital asset management system with Filecamp’s custom branding features. Use your company logo and colors, plus a custom URL to make a seamless transition between your website and your Filecamp digital asset management system.

Filecamp DAM is powering a new era for marketing and creative teams.



Advanced download options

Get the file types you need, when you need them. You can download a hi resolution graphics file from Adobe into a simple jpeg for inserting into Word documents. This and other download options are a real treat for completing briefs and summaries on the fly.


Unlimited users

Whether it’s a team of two or an account for hundreds of clients, every Filecamp includes unlimited accounts so you have room to grow. You can easily assign access and create public download and upload links, with Filecamp, the sky’s the limit!


Trusted by global enterprises

Established market leaders such as LEGO, HBO and The Wall Street Journal trust Filecamp for professional digital asset management. With amazing features at an affordable price, Filecamp is the secure and reliable choice for any business.

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