Looking for a FTP replacement? – say hello to Filecamp

Send your FTP Server on retirement and improve security and usability with online file sharing.



Between impossibly slow downloads, firewall issues, software incompatibilities, and non-tech-savvy clients and partners, sharing files over traditional FTP can be incredibly frustrating. Fast, reliable, and easy to use, Filecamp puts an end to all this while improving your professional image with client’s and partners alike. Filecamp is a complete FTP replacement.

Filecamp removes the burden on your IT department because it´s 100% could-based and requires NO extra IT resources, NO hardware investments, and NO software installation. Instead of the basic FTP file structure where any user could access any file, Filecamp allows you to create your own folder structure and lets you grant your users password-protected access to each folder.

Finding and sharing content

All files stored in Filecamp are quickly found and previewed via the search feature.

Beautifully branded

Share files and collaborate with customers, media and partners while reinforcing your brand!

Easy User management

Create unlimited number of users and let them only see and download the files and folders you want them to access.

100% web-based

See Filecamp as your own cloud-based FTP server and access and manage all your files through any web browser.

Easy distribution

Share and collaborate with clients and partners with a simple click of a mouse.


Filecamp is highly scalable with regard to storage space, functionality and price.

File Sharing for Professionals – made easy and affordable

Fast, reliable, easy to use, and better-looking Filecamp puts an end to cumbersome FTP file sharing



A complete File Sharing portal

Get your own professional File Sharing Portal where you can share and preview your corporate images, videos and other media types with your clients and partners.


More control and security

Unlike our competitors, Filecamp comes with unlimited users in all plans. Your clients and partners will only have access to the files and folders you give them access to.


Custom look-and-feel

Filecamps unique White Label approach makes it easy for you to customize your Filecamp account with your company logo, colors and URL.

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