Powerful Media Portal

Filecamp - a powerful Media PortalFilecamp removes the hassle and insecurity and provides a tailor-made, streamlined solution for your company’s Media Portal needs.

Share and collaborate globally or within your offices. With Filecamp, powerful tools for finding, organizing and sharing large collections of rich media files are at your fingertips and encased flawlessly in your company’s branding.


Your Media Portal

Filecamp is a Media Portal that offers you a cloud-based solution for all of your file sharing needs. Leave the time-consuming, sloppy FTP and email systems in the past and begin enjoying Filecamp’s streamlined, centralized solution today.

User Permissions

Create as many or as few users as you’d like and easily control which files and features they have access to. From admin to a single file, it’s as easy as clicking your mouse. You also have access to logs, allowing you to see everything that’s happened in your Media Portal.

Cloud-based Media Portal

Filecamp is web-based; that means no bulky software to install for you or your clients. Simply log-in and begin using the powerful tools at your fingertips. It’s that easy to increase your organizational efficiency.

Public and Private Sharing

In addition to the password protected and user profile access, you have the option of public folders. Share and receive non-sensitive business files via a branded download and upload page.

Brand Promotion

Our white label feature allows you to completely dim Filecamp’s branding from your Media Portal and highlight your company’s logo and colors instead. Clients experience it as your Media Portal, not ours.

Customized Labeling

Quickly and easily add labels to your files that work for your business. Use your custom labels for easy categorization and searches and stop endless searching for the correct files.

The integrated, secure, and cost effective Media Portal solution you’ve been looking for.

An array of potent control and visibility tools at your fingertips and easy to use.



Impressively Easy

While the power in our state of the art features might make you think users would have to be technically savvy, the truth is that our straightforward and familiar interface allows users of all levels to log in and begin harnessing the features with little to no learning curve at all.


Goodbye FTP

Hello drag and drop. Without the need for complicated and messy FTP software with open ports, Filecamp offers simple, speedy, and secure drag and drop and upload functionality. Browser-based and user-friendly, you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else.


Cost Effective

Choose only the features you need right now, with the security of knowing the transition will be seamless as you grow. The unique branding possibilities make sharing expenses with your clients easy. Many of our customers even report making a profit with their Filecamp account!


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