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Media Library

Filecamp is a cloud-based Media Library solution that allows you to store your files in a centralized location. Ensuring all your files are the most current version and easily accessible reduces mistakes, saves time and increases productivity.

Familiar and Friendly

Powerful utilities that don’t require technical genius to navigate. Familiar menus and intuitive interfaces allow users of all skill levels to harness the potent features quickly and with ease.

Personalized Labels

Quickly and easily tag your files and images with custom labels suited to your workflow. View your Media Library in galleries by label, or organize them into folders with only a couple clicks of your mouse. Filecamp makes it easy.

Your Brand

Team members and clients can log in directly from your website to your Media Library. Filecamp mutes its branding and highlights your logo and colors, ensuring the passage will be fluid and uninterrupted. We understand how important your brand is to your company and reinforce it.

Simply Streamlined

Filecamp’s integrated Media Library offers an array of robust controls and visibility tools to maximize efficiency in minimal time. With all of your files in meaningful, usable order, your organizational efficiency will skyrocket.

From All Places

Effortlessly upload nearly any file format to your Media Library and enjoy access from anywhere. Across the street or across the globe, Filecamp is there.


Arnte-van Dam

quoteThe solution we were looking for!

Filecamp provides us with a easy-to-use Media Library platform for our managers across Europe. A solution with a good interface, conveniently arranging data possibilities, easy sharing options, high reliability as well as a good customer service. The solution that we were looking for!”

Arnte-van Dam, Brand Development Spreads Europe, Unilever


Tailor-made solution for your company’s Media Library needs.

Visualize your extensive corporate Media Library for a fast, efficient search.


Multiple download options

Download images in multiple sizes, formats and resolutions. So if you need to insert a Illustrator logo in to a word document you can just download a lowres version without having to change the original image.


Unlimited users

Whether it’s a team of two or an account for hundreds of clients, it’s all included. All plans offer unlimited users, an option rarely found elsewhere. Combined with simple tools to assign access, your Digital Asset Management solution can´t get any easier!


Trusted by clients Worldwide

Your Digital Asset Management is only as good as it’s accessibility. Users from over 30 countries interface effectively with Filecamp. Whether you’ve already got clients across the map or are interested in extending your global reach, we’ve got you covered.