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Manage your corporate images, videos, graphics, and documents from your own custom branded platform in the cloud.

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Filecamp is an online Image Library and file sharing tool that helps marketing professionals collaborate on creative projects while maintaining brand consistency.

Filecamp is a 100% cloud-based solution, and comes with unlimited users, advanced granular sharing permissions, file previews and a mobile-ready user interface.

What is Filecamp?

Filecamp is a could-based Image Library Software system that allows you to store, organize, and share your digital assets  – such as images, videos, illustrations, brand guidelines, text documents, presentations, and more.

Some of our clients:

With Filecamp it’s easy to manage and share your media library!

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Invite your whole team

Filecamp is a 100% cloud-based Image Library Software solution, and comes with unlimited users, advanced granular sharing permissions, file previews and security and privacy controls for teams.

custom folder permissions

Custom Folder Permissions

Filecamp’s permissions and folder access settings give you flexible and intricate ways to control file and folder access. Some administrators need sophisticated permissions, while others just want simple yet adaptable access rules.


One-click send and share

Send files, folders, and collections to colleagues, clients, and contributors without leaving your workspace. Invite comments and feedback, and hold collaborative conversations about your work within your media library.


Custom download agreements

Make specific folders public and link to them from your website. Add permission controls to other folders, or prompt your users to login and agree to a customized license agreement before downloading files.


Designed with your brand in mind

Filecamp comes with some unique branding possibilities, and you can brand as many separate “sub-accounts” for your Filecamp as you’d like. You can customize the login page and overall logo and colors for each client to give them a unique experience that is centered on their brand.


Image custom labels

Custom Labels

Create custom labels to tag your images in ways that make sense to you and your workflow. Name each label with a title and a color.

You can easily search for and locate folders and images that have specific labels assigned to them.

Add as many Labels and Label sets as you want, and assign Label sets to specific folders.

Cloud-based Image & Media Library

Filecamp is a cloud-based Image Library software solution. We take care of everything and roll out regular software updates – including security updates – so you don’t have to spend time and resources maintaining a system yourself.

No training required

Filecamp makes managing and accessing your Image & Media Library easy with simple and familiar controls for browsing, uploading and downloading. Your team and your partners on a project can start using Filecamp with no training or experience.

Easy distribution

Share and collaborate with clients and partners with the simple click of a mouse. You can use your Filecamp as a corporate Image & Media Library system as well as for everyday file sharing tasks.


As a cloud-based file sharing and media library platform, Filecamp is highly scalable. Unlike typical image library software that is run on a local server, Filecamp requires no additional IT staff or costs. From small businesses that dream of an IT staff to large enterprises looking to reduce their IT budget, Filecamp is the perfect fit for any business.

Finding and sharing content

Your corporate images and media are easy to find using the convenient search feature. With public downloads and uploads, Filecamp’s unique file sharing features help you quickly share rich media files with a select group of partners in a secure and professional manner.

Beautifully branded

Your brand is critical to your business. Filecamp fully integrates with your brand for a seamless look and feel. With Filecamp’s custom branding features, you can invite clients and partners to use your Image & Media Library while reinforcing your brand!

Affordable Image & Media Library

Share and preview your images, videos and all other media types with clients and partners. From small businesses that are making their name, to large enterprises that are making waves, Filecamp gives you the features you need in a cloud-based image library, built on a secure platform that can grow with your business.

More control and security

Built on secure HTTPS technology with simple management features, you can easily set permissions for files and folders. Filecamp also features Collections which allow you to quickly gather images and photos from projects and share them with people without providing access to all the project files.

Save time

With your digital image and media files organized in a centralized repository, searchable with metadata, locating a specific asset is as simple as typing a keyword and clicking search. When it’s easy to find your digital assets, you can focus more of your time on that all-important creativity.

"... and you were able to offer a solution that wasn’t over-developed and unnecessarily complex."
We have very much enjoyed using Filecamp. It easy to use, reliable and you were able to offer a solution that wasn’t over-developed and unnecessarily complex. Thank you!

Ned Jennison, Tata Harper Skincare

“Filecamp fit the bill perfectly.”
We were looking for a file sharing platform which gives us the possibility to create personalized portals for our customers, Filecamp fitted the bill perfectly, we received a positive feedback from our customers on there personalized portal were they can download and upload common files. Filecamp is also easy to use.

Joeri DE WINTER, Skyline Networks

“Filecamp makes it easy and fast for our stores to download images for their webshops”
Look and feel matches our visual identity in the professional form we want. Filecamp makes it easy and fast for our stores to download images for their webshops. A big time saver for them … and us. Thank you Filecamp!

Michael Lauritzen,

Test Filecamp Media Library software with your own content, and discover how easy it is to use.

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