Gather related files from various folders into Collections for better overview and easy sharing.

While everyone likes to keep their folder structure neat and tidy, sometimes you need to share files from multiple projects on the fly. When this happens, Collections come to the rescue! Easily gather files from various folders and share them with your team members and clients.


What are Collections?

Collections are virtual folders or briefcases that allow you to store links to multiple files from different folders.

To add files to a Collection on Filecamp, simply select the files, click “Add to Collection” and choose which Collection you want to add the files to. You can view, edit or share your Collections at anytime. When you delete a Collection, the actual files that were in the Collections will still remain in their folders.

It’s a super useful feature that makes sharing files with clients and collaborators a breeze.

Sharing files with Collections

One of the key benefits of using Filecamp Collections for sharing and distribution is that you can share images and other types of files with someone who typically wouldn’t have access to those files or folders. For instance, let’s say you need to send some high res images but you don’t want to share everything in those project folders. Simply add the files to a Collection and click the “Send URL” button. That´s it!

You can create and manage an unlimited number of Collections, which is a huge time saver when working on simultaneous projects!

PLEASE NOTE: Collections are included with all Filecamp Advanced and Professional Plans. You get all the features of the Professional Plan with our 30-day free trial. See for yourself how easy it is to share files with Collections.