Digital Asset Management (DAM), File sharing, media library, and collaboration. Filecamp is a cloud based file sharing platform with a great set of features for businesses of all types.


Fully cross-platform

PC or Mac, we’ve got your back! Filecamp is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS). You don’t need to install any software on your desktop or laptop. You can access Filecamp online, anywhere, anytime via your web browser.


A better file sharing solution

Let’s face it, many files are simply too large for email. We’ve seen a lot of cloud services develop to address this need. We made Filecamp an affordable solution so you don’t need to pay an enormous subscription fee to manage your files online. Plus, we’ve built in special digital asset management features for businesses that work with graphics and rich media files. Filecamp is a secure file sharing solution that’s way better than email, and more affordable and easier to use than FTP and other cloud services.



You get a lot of bang for your buck with Filecamp’s file sharing and media handling platform. Plus, with custom branding and white label features, Filecamp appears as a separate solution provided by your business. This means you can share the cost of Filecamp with your clients or even bill your clients for managing their files as a value-add service.


Easy to use


Drag and drop

Upload files to Filecamp by simply dragging files directly into the Filecamp window in your browser. Once the files are uploaded, moving files and folders in the Filecamp interface is just as easy, simply drag and drop them where they need to be.


No FTP client needed

Unlike traditional FTP servers, Filecamp can be accessed using any web browser and does not require installation of special software or the opening of special ports on your router. Filecamp’s file transfer features are VERY easy to use, but we’ve also built the platform so you can still use your FTP client if you prefer.


Preview all common file types

You can easily preview graphics, images and media files in your Filecamp, including: .pdf, .psd, .ai, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .mov, .avi, .mp4, and .swf.


Use thumbnails or icons that make sense to you

Custom thumbnails or icons can save you from having to look inside folders to find out what they are about. Read more about the Custom Thumbnail feature here.


No more sending wrong files

Just click on the Email URL button and Filecamp will create an email message with a link to a branded download page that has a preview of the file and a download button.


Custom Branding and White Label Features


Strengthen your brand

Boost your corporate identity with Filecamp. Filecamp’s Control Panel enables you to feature your company logo and color theme on all Filecamp pages. You can even associate different brands with different access points.


Seamlessly integrate your Filecamp account with your website

You can easily create a link from your website to your Filecamp account and customize your Filecamp with your logo and colors. When your clients and business partners log in to your Filecamp account it will feel more like an extension of your website than a separate file sharing service.


100% White label

With our Professional Plan you can hide the Filecamp brand completely, giving you a 100% private label experience.


Features Designed for Creative Businesses


Create asset collections across folders

Filecamp allows you to create “Collections” from files stored in multiple folders. You can then save these files and images for easy collaboration and distribution of files.


Easy Metadata and Keywords management

Read, write and edit metadata for most types of digital media files, without leaving Filecamp.


Online Collaboration with Proofing, Comments and Approval


Move your design review process online

Use online Proofing and Approval features with your Filecamp account and invite your clients to make comments and annotations on artwork directly in their web browser.


View ratings or proofing status in the blink of an eye

Add labels to your files for rating, easier indexing or proofing purposes. Create your own labels that make sense to you and your workflow.


Simple and Powerful Uploads and Downloads including Public Folders


Zero-hassle file uploads

Allow business associates, freelance contributors and employees to upload files to your Filecamp account without requiring them to fill in a username and password. Just click on the Email URL button and Filecamp will create an email message with a link to a branded upload page you can send them. It will even automatically open your mail application for you.


Download files just as you need them to be

You can download graphics and image files in multiple sizes, formats and resolutions. PDFs can be downloaded in the original format or as a JPEG.


One click sends entire public folders

Specify a folder as open to “Public Download” and the files inside that folder can be sent to anyone with one click on the Email URL button. Filecamp will create an email message with a link to a branded download page containing all the files in the folder available for viewing and downloading. All you need to do is fill in the receiver’s email address and hit the “Send” button.


Secure and Accessible with Total Control


Your data is secure

Filecamp servers are located in a secure data center with 24/7 surveillance. We use the secure HTTPS protocol for all file transfers.


Give users exactly the access they need

You can create an unlimited number of users with full control over access rights and their interaction with the system. Filecamp supports six user levels. You can also create user groups for easier management.


Granular access control

Rest assured, clients and partners can only access the specific files and folders you’ve allowed them to.


HTTPS/SSL for added security

We take security seriously. For an additional layer of security all communications between your browser and Filecamp system are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This offers the same level of protection as a banking or e-commerce site.


Audit trail

As an administrator you have access to the log file that keeps track of everything that happens in your Filecamp account.


Be informed about file actions

You can set up Filecamp so it will send you an email notification when someone uploads a file — with detailed information about the action.


Feel free to trash

When you delete files from your Filecamp account they are moved to the Trash, but Filecamp protects against accidental removal. Only Admin level users can empty the Trash and see what’s inside.


Throw away outdated files without lifting a finger

Use the Auto Delete option for any specific folder to automatically delete files older than one day, one week, one month, three months or more.