Loved ones have many names – what to call your DAM

Filecamps two founders are originally from Denmark and there’s a Danish saying: "kært barn har mange navne." Translated to English and according to Wikipedia it's something like: "loved ones have many names." However, it may apply to more cases than just people – and applying it to Digital Asset Management (DAM) strikes as the perfect fit.

We’re surrounded by many tools that “do” things and “help” us with everyday tasks, but sometimes we don’t know if we name them well. Many people spend ages searching until they find the tool they never knew they always needed. They often do so by accident, trying out a couple of search results before having any luck.

While we like calling Digital Asset Management for just DAM, it’s not the only term you can use to find it. How are people looking for services like ours in Google and how, actually, might you call your DAM?

DAM – a stamp of digitalization

As we mentioned a few times on our blog, Filecamp can help you digitize your assets and turn your digital files into easily searchable digital assets.

One of the most popular search requests used in Google is Digital Asset Management platform. Filecamp, without a doubt, is a Digital Asset Management platform that helps you organize files within your organization. There are more search results, though, and to say that they are interesting would be an understatement.

According to search results, people also use shorter terms related to digital assets, such as Digital Asset Portal, which can have the same exact meaning as Digital Asset Management platform and can therefore help teams organize their work in the same way. Digital Asset Portal also refers to complex management, focusing less on the management side and more on the digital asset storage side.

Another “digital” term that we’ve noticed during our research is Digital Archive. There is one major difference that can be identified between a Digital Archive and a Digital Asset Portal.

 Digital Asset Portal requests may refer to assets that should be easily searchable and accessible any time (as they are needed and used on a daily basis). On the other hand, a Digital Archive may be sought to actually help archive files into online storage in case they are needed at some point in the future, but they are not needed right now (and maybe they never will).

Digital Toolkit is another search result we’ve encountered. A toolkit can be defined as a set of tools, but also as some solutions for making your digital asset management simply easier.

Finally, Electronic Library is another term we’ve seen in our research. While an electronic library can refer to anything that is in digital form, it doesn’t have to necessarily be an online solution. Filecamp can be regarded as a Digital Electronic Library: it works online and obviously on electronic devices.

Digitalization is extremely important, and not only in the light of situations like the current coronavirus outbreak. Turning your strategy “electronic” and “digital” can help you save a lot of time, and the more assets you digitalize the more hassle you’ll save. Just remember about the security and safety of your digitized files: not every single solution on the market provides the highest level of security. Not many solutions can secure your digital assets, as well as Filecamp, does.

DAM – Building a brand

Services like Filecamp are also often being searched for with keywords and phrases related to building a brand. Online brand management is incredibly crucial nowadays and brands are becoming increasingly more aware of its importance. To build a strong brand, all of the parts of your system need to be well-oiled - including the management of your assets. Some of the following search results don’t come as a surprise then.

Brand Asset Management System is a search term that may reflect the strong need for organizing assets within an organization, with all of the features needed to do it right. Easy search, easy tagging, easy access and many additional options can bring the whole process of managing assets under control. Brand Builder associates Filecamp with part of building a branding strategy and organizing to be accessible for everyone who’s involved. Brand Library means the storage of all files, and is the library to access when required.

Brand Area can refer to a workspace where all digital assets are stored: documents, presentations, key visuals, brand books and pictures, just to name a few. It can also mean a place where anything brand-related goes through, is brainstormed, discussed and implemented if needed.

DAM – Media gallery

Services like Filecamp can also play the role of an interactive media gallery, where creative, graphic content can be previewed, tagged, discussed, shared and, of course, uploaded. The Gallery or Art Gallery relates exactly to those aforementioned features, with a focus on previewing and watching. Public Media Gallery, another term seen in search results when looking for services like Filecamp, combines the features of the (graphic) gallery.

DAM – a media platform

Filecamp, with all of its features, may be regarded as a great media database. What exactly is meant by “media”, though? Well, it refers to any digital assets in a particular organization, but mainly photos, videos or audio files. This is why it’s no surprise that Media Bank is one of the search ideas that is used when looking for digital asset management platforms. Media Collection relates to a collection of media files that can be viewed, shared, used and downloaded but, most importantly, are truly accessible. Media Library hits a similar note, being a storage solution for digital assets.

Media Resource Center plays the role of a complex, centralized resource for teams and organizations, which can also be said for MediaSource. The additional “Center” term may simply reflect the number of shared files. MediaShare means a place where you can easily exchange files - share, download, upload and edit them. Marketing Media Library and Multimedia Library are other terms observed in the search results, referring to complex storage of multimedia files within a company, or a solution to build one.

DAM – an image-focused system

Filecamp is a piece of digital asset management software, but a lot of files stored in Filecamp are images. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that there are also some search results related to images: people use them to find a secure spot to access, share and edit their images. Tools like Filecamp may often play the role of an Image and Media Manager if images are accompanied by other interactive content in your storage. Image Management System describes features that Filecamp definitely offers: managing, editing, sharing and tagging images. The same goes for Image Library Software. With Photography Online, the option of storing photos online, in the cloud, is searched for.

DAM for Marketing

Filecamp truly is a marketing tool as well. Not only does it help with intuitively storing files, but also with using them for marketing purposes afterwards. It can therefore be a great supplement to the toolbox of marketing software that you have already been using. Filecamp can make up a Marketing Toolbox all by itself or be an integral element of one.

DAM as storage

Services like Filecamp may be used for storing files only, if you have no need for editing and tagging them (although we think that thanks to these features, you have more control over your digital assets). This is why when you search for Resource Library or File portal, Filecamp seems like a good shout for those too. We’ve also encountered more generic options used in search results: with the Shelf, the Repository, and the Hub leading the rankings.

Other DAM terms

Bearing in mind how many terms are used to look for services like Filecamp, it strikes us just how much Filecamp can have for many industries that want to organize their work. We’ve also seen the terms listed below:

  • Assets Sharing Tool
  • Brand Central
  • Brand Portal
  • Business File Sharing Tool
  • Company Media Collection
  • DAM SaaS
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management) software
  • DAM Solution
  • DAM System
  • Digital Asset Library
  • Digital Asset Management Solution
  • Digital Assets Manager
  • Digital Asset Sharing Platform
  • Dropbox Killer
  • File Management System
  • File Sharing Platform
  • File Transfer Software
  • File Upload Thing
  • FTP site
  • Global Exchange Platform
  • ImageBank
  • Image Database
  • Image Management Software
  • Image Repository
  • MAM (Media Asset management) software
  • Marketing Asset Library
  • Marketing Collateral Platform
  • Marketing Hub
  • Marketing Material Platform
  • MediaBank
  • Media Portal
  • Media Silo
  • Media Library software
  • Media Management Software
  • Media Management System
  • Media Management Tool
  • Media Sharing Tool
  • Media Server Software
  • Online Artwork Approval system
  • Online Media Management System
  • Online Proofing Software
  • Photo Library Software
  • Photo Organizing Software
  • Press Kit
  • Professional File Sharing Solution
  • Secured Media Library
  • The MarCom Shop
  • The Vault
  • User-friendly DAM
  • Web-based DAM
If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’re looking for a solution like ours – no matter if you want it for storing files only, previewing images, or for having access to share them all the time. So, what are you waiting for? Hop aboard our free trial and see what we’re capable of.
Your files are only assets if you can efficiently use them. Filecamp is a professional and affordable cloud based digital asset management system, built to make it easier for companies to store, find, and share their digital assets.
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