Troubleshooting email delivery issues

I did not receive the email messages I was expecting from Filecamp - what should I do?

Filecamp uses one of the leading third-party email service providers (Mandrill/Mailchimp) as part of delivering Filecamp system-generated emails.  These emails are used for all customer-facing emails generated by Filecamp including trial invites, password resets, notifications, and payment-related emails.

In some rare cases, Filecamp receives support tickets indicating that a user has not received some of these system-generated messages.  This is generally always because the user's spam filters have caught messages from either,,  or

Given that Mandrill is a popular email service provider, it is possible that Filecamp-associated Mandrill-originated emails may get caught in spam filters if the filter has previously blocked Mandrill-originated emails from other companies.

This article is an explanation of the problem from the Mandrill perspective.

In summary, if you don't receive the Filecamp system-generated emails you are expecting, please check your spam filters and/or "junk" email folder.

If you would like some guidance on how to whitelist Filecamp-associated emails, this article may help.