Billing overview

The home base for anything related to plans & billing.

Log in to your Filecamp, click on the Main menu  and navigate to Admin > Billing.

Here you can change your plan, buy more storage, update your credit card, find past invoices and cancel if you need to (though we hope you won’t!). The Billing page is only available to your Administrators.

billing overview

Plan & storage

Filecamp will always tell you which plan you’re using. If you want to change your plan, click “Change Plan or Storage”.

Credit Card

For your security and protection, Filecamp only displays the last 4 digits of your Credit Card on file. Click “Update payment method” to make updates.

If you have signed up for 6 months or yearly invoicing, you will see a “Add a Credit Card” link, where you can switch over on recurring monthly payments instead.

Billing details

Customize your invoice to include your company name and address or other important information. Add a billing email address to make sure that billing is handled smoothly! Click “Change billing details” to make updates.


Need a past invoice? The 10 most recent invoices are listed here. Click “Billing Account Overview” for a complete overview in Freshbooks (our Accounting platform).

Canceling your account

We’ll be so sorry to see you go! But if you have made up your mind, you can click “Yes, cancel our account” and follow the steps.

Canceling takes effect immediately, but your account remains active until your billing period expires.

WARNING: Canceling your account deletes all of your data. For security reasons, we’ll keep your data for 14 days after the billing period expires. After that, your account and all files related to your account will be permanently deleted from all servers and databases. This action cannot be undone.

Notice: Only Administrators has access to the Billing overview. Please contact us if any of the current Administrators of your account aren't available.

Credit Card Management for recurring transactions

Filecamp uses Spreedly, a Level 1 PCI Compliant service provider, to manage credit card data and PCI compliance.

Filecamp only stores the absolute minimum card details such as the last four digits, expiration date and the token generated by the Spreedly vault, for identification purpose.