Edit files

File names, file descriptions and metadata can be edited at any time.

Editing a single file

To edit the name, description or metadata of a single file, click on the file and click the Info  icon.


Or click the Context  icon below the file/folder thumbnail. Choose  Info.


In the Info sidebar you can view and edit the following settings for this file:

  • Name – file name.
  • Description – file description.
  • Tags – add tags/keywords that describe the file (remember to press enter after each keyword). Read more about Metadata.
  • Author – add a author name if this makes sense to your workflow.
  • Copyright – add a copyright note if there is any specific restrictions in this file usage.
  • Expiration – choose an expiration date if you want this item to expire. Read more.
  • Direct links  – will open a window where you can copy the direct link to the file, or to some predefined lower resolution versions (images only). Can be used to embed the file on other websites, in emails, social media outlets, and more.

Edit multiple files

Click on the Bulk action  icon in the top bar and choose Edit multiple files. Now select the files you want to edit. Click Edit in the header when you are done.

A window will pop up where you can edit the following settings for the files you have selected:


Simply make the desired changes and click UPDATE FILES to save the changes.

Notice: Only Administrators or users with permission to "Edit files & folders" are able to edit files. Read more.