Metadata means data about data. It allows for a easier categorization and organization of assets and helps people find a specific asset easier.

With the ability to extract metadata from files uploaded to Filecamp, metadata management inside Filecamp integrates 100% with the creative workflow you already have.


Filecamp metadata is based on the Adobe® XMP technology and features the ability to read and write metadata from a wide range of file types. Filecamp is a registered Adobe XMP partner.

To keep things lightweight you can read, write and edit the following Metadata fields inside Filecamp:

  1. Filename
  2. Description
  3. Tags
  4. Author
  5. Copyright Notice
  6. Expire date

The XMP metadata standard is the same used by e.g. Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom. And yes, this means that keywords entered in e.g. Adobe Bridge will be embedded when files are uploaded to Filecamp. And metadata entered in Filecamp will be embedded into the file, and can afterwards be read and edited in e.g. Adobe Bridge.

All the fields, including the imported metadata and keywords, are searchable.

How to add or edit metadata