Managed Users vs. External Users

There are two user roles within the Filecamp proofing workflow that will be important to your experience while using Filecamp – Managed users and External users.

Managed Users

To view and manage your managed users, navigate to  Admin > Users.

Employees and close partners should be managed users since they require a greater amount of control and oversight. Read more about how to add a user and how to give them folder permission.

External Users

External users cannot be managed, and the only reason they need to register is so that we can log what they are doing and assign their comments and label changes with their usernames. External users need to register when trying to comment on a file they have received a link to.

Notice: Only Users with permission to Manage users can access Admin > Users. Your account admins have control over these settings.
Notice: External users are typical short-term partners are contacts who’ve been invited to comment and approve on one or more of your files. External users are a great way to receive feedback from multiple people without having to add them as users and requiring them to log in before they can comment and approve your files. Just send them a link to the file, let them register themselves and they can start reviewing and adding comments to the files you have sent them a link to.

You always have the option to upgrade external users to real (managed) users if the nature of your work or partnership changes.