Edit files

File names, descriptions and metadata can be edited at any time.

Editing a file

To edit the name, description or metadata of a file, select the file and click the “Edit file” buttons icon_edit (or right-click on the file and choose Edit)


In the “Edit file” curtain you can edit the file name, description and a few other metadata fields. When entering Tags (Keywords) Filecamps stores your tags so that you can easily use them on other files as well. Press “Save” when you are done.


Edit multiple files

To edit the multiple files, select the files (shift+click) and press the “Edit Selected” button or right-click and choose “Edit”. This will make the edit file curtain to roll down. Notice the file number e.g. 1/7 which shows you that you are editing file 1 out of 7 files. Press “Save” to go to the next file.