User Interface Overview

A quick overview of the menus and terminology used in Filecamp

You can toggle between Gallery View:


and List View:

List View

Large Preview: To enable the large preview, simply double click on the file thumbnail and/or click on the file name.

Large preview

TIP: You can open the Infobar while in Large Preview and use the left and right arrow keyboard keys (  ) to toggle between files (also while the Infobar is open). And you can use the ESC key to close the large preview view

Infobar: The content is displayed in the right panel of Filecamp when you click the Info icon for a file or folder. File and folder information can be viewed and edited in this panel:


Pop-up window: Other settings can be edited from a pop-up window, that appears when you click search, share, folder permissions, uploads, etc.

popup window

Navigation & Menus

Top Bar: This is where you will find the Main menu and your user profile


Toolbar: The options available will vary depending on the content in the main window and your access level:


Bulk Action Bar: Will appear when you have selected multiple files or folders. The options available will vary depending on the selected items and your access level:

Bulk actions bar

Breadcrumb Menu: You can use the breadcrumb menu or your browser’s back button to easily navigate back and forth between folders:

Breadcrumb menu

Three Dots Menu: Located below each file and folder is the Three Dots Menu where you can choose between various file/folder actions. The menu items vary depending on your user permissions and folder settings:

Three Dots Menu

Main Menu: Located to the left is your Main menu where you can toggle between the various sections of your account. The Main menu varies depending on your permissions:

Main menu

Select multiple Items

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can select multiple files and users.

To select multiple consecutive items:

  1. Select the first item.
  2. Press and hold Shift.
  3. Click the last item.

To select multiple non-consecutive items:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl (control on Windows) or  (command on Mac).
  2. Select all files or folders you want.

When you have selected the items you can choose the desired action in the Bulk Action Menu.