With notifications you can stay informed of new activity happening inside your Filecamp account.

Notifications and in-app messages

Get notified whenever specific actions take place in folder you have access to. Navigate to the folder and click on the Notifications  icon in the top-navigation menu.


Upload notifications

Get notified when someone uploads new files into the folder (or a subfolder). Check/uncheck the File upload checkboxes.

Label change notifications

Get notified when other users change Label on files in the folder (or a subfolder). Check/uncheck the Label Changes checkboxes.

New comments notifications

Get notified whenever someone adds new comments on files in the folder (or a subfolder). Check/uncheck the File Comments checkboxes.

None = You will not be be notified (default).
Message = You will be notified in an in-app message.
+ Email =You will be notified in an in-app message and receive an email.

Notice: You can only receive email notifications when you use your email address as user name (recommended).

Notice: There can be a 15 minutes delay on email notifications sent from Filecamp.

What to do if a user isn’t receiving the notification emails

Email can be tricky, and sometimes you will find that a user is not receiving the notifications and invitations email that are being sent from Filecamp. This could be due to many reasons: it has been quarantined by their email server, caught in a spam filter, accidentally deleted, etc.

If it is invitations and sharing messages you can try and send the links to them via your default email client instead.