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Quickly and easily manage feedback and approval of pdf files, images and other creative projects.

Add comment

Double click on the file (or click on the filename) to open it in large preview mode.


Now click on the Comments  icon in the Toolbar.


This will open Filecamp's Commenting window where you can add comments and place markers on files.

Write your message in the “Write a new comment” field and click save. Click POST when you are done.

Notice: You can edit or delete your comment within 15 minutes after posting, or until you have added another comment. Thereafter comments are locked and can’t be edited or deleted.


Markers are a simple way to assign the comment to a specific location on the page/file. Just click on the Marker  icon right after you have posted your comment. You can now click on the preview to place your marker at a specific location.

When you click on a marker in the preview the corresponding Comment will highlight in the Comments column.
And when you click on a comment that has a marker, the marker   will be highlighted.


Open / closed comments

Quick overview of all open comments for the entire document. Open comments mean work that needs to be done.


Change label

You can change the Label for a specific page or image, say from Not Approved to Approved, by clicking on the Label next to the filename. Read more about Labels.


The label text and color are determined by the Label set you have assigned to this folder. Admin level users can edit and create new Label sets using the Admin > Labels.

Upload new version

Upload a new version to the file. All previous versions of the particular file are archived and easily accessible. You can quickly toggle between earlier versions of the page/file. Read more about Versions.


Invite others to Comment

You have multiple options for sharing and receiving comments and feedback on your files, but the quickest way is to simply open the file in large preview, then click the Share  icon in the header menu. Enter the email addresses of the recipients, add a message, and click SEND.

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  1. Invite external users to review and comment on a single file
  2. Invite external users to review and comment on files in a folder
  3. Invite managed users to review, comment, and approve a single file
  4. Invite managed users to review, comment, and approve files in a folder
Notice: Commenting is only available with the Filecamp Professional plan. Read more about plans
Notice: Commenting needs to be Enabled on the folder, otherwise you will not be able to comment on files in the folder. Read more about folder settings

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If you copy the URL and send it to another User (with access to this folder) the user will see exactly the same view when he/she logs in as you do.

Managed users that have turned on notifications for the folders that contains the files will be notified when new comments are added to the files or if a file changes label status, for example, from Pending to Approved. Read more about notifications.
Proofing Multipage pdf files
When sharing a multipage pdf file for proofing you might want to split it into single pages, so that you can review and approve (change label) each page individual. See how.