Using labels

You can use colored labels for files and folders for easier indexing. Admin level users can customize the labels by changing the text and color associated with each label.

Assign label to a file or folder (method 1)

Click the Context menu  below the file/folder thumbnail. Choose  Label change.


Now choose the label you want to use from the modal popup window.


Assign label to a file or folder (method 2)

You can also change label on a file, from the large preview view. Click on the file to open the file in the preview mode, then click on the label status in the lower left corner.


Choose the label you want to use in the modal popup window.


Assign label to multiple files and folders

Navigate to the folder where your files are in, then click on the Bulk action  icon in the top navigation menu and choose  Label change. Now select all the files and folders you want to edit. Then press the Change label button.

OBS: Administrators and users with permission to "Manage labels" can edit and create new Label sets in Admin > Labels. And the same users can turn Labels and Label changes on and off on folder level in the Edit Folder menu.
Tip: Remember to turn on Notifications if you want to be notified when files changes label status in specific folders. Read more about Notifications.
Notice: Labels is a powerful and flexible way to index and categorize your files in ways that make sense for you and your workflow. Labels can be used in numerous tasks like file approvals, workflow messages etc. You can search for labels using the advanced search option.

Notice: Only users with the user permission "Change label on files & folders" are allowed to change labels on files and folders.