E-mail notifications

Receive e-mail notifications whenever new files are uploaded in to specific folders.

Manage Notifications (for admin Users only)

When you are logged in as an Admin level user you can set up users to receive e-mail notifications when new files are uploaded to specific folders. Just navigate to the folder and click the “Access” icon_user button. In the “Access” curtain check/uncheck the upload Notifications checkboxes for the specific Users (or User Groups).notifications1


Manage Notifications (for Super Users)

Super Users can turn their own upload Notifications on and off them self.
Just navigate to the specific folder and click the “Edit folder” icon_edit_folder button. In the “Edit folder”curtain check/uncheck the “Notify me when new files are uploaded to this folder” checkbox.




NOTICE: You can only receive email notifications when you use your email address as user name (recommended)