Embedding via iFrame

You can embed any Filecamp level into your site by leveraging an iFrame.

You can use an embed link to display images and other assets directly on your website using a URL and code snippet provided by Filecamp. This way the image lives in one location, on Filecamp, and not on the website or within your content management system additionally. If you want to update or change an image, you only need to do it in one place by adding an updated version; the URL remains the same. 

Select the URL you are wanting to embed and replace where the src attribute points to.

Below is the code snippet to utilize:

<iframe <iframe src=<b>"https://yourcompany.filecamp.com/s/tqx7Jns09b5xQJf5/fo"</b>= height="900" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>

Do note: Depending on the site and where the URL is embedded, you may need to adjust the sizing class to get the embedded site to enlarge and fit appropriately within the site.

TIP: If you want to hide the Top Bar on your embedded links you can add this parameter to the src attribute: ?hidetop=true

NOTE: Embedding parts of your Filecamp on your website or intranet is a great way to have a self-service platform where visitors can find and download the assets they need💡

An example of how a Share Folder Link has been integrated on a webpage:

Another example of how a Share Folder Link has been integrated on a webpage (90% width):