Share folder link

If you want to share a folder with someone without requiring them to log in, you can simply send them a link to the folder.

Share folder (View & download) link

When you want to share the contents of an entire folder with a colleague or business partner, browse to the folder and click the Share icon in the Toolbar.

You can adjust the link's options to decide if it should be a View & download or an Upload link, set an expiration date for the link, enter a Vanity URL, and write a message to the recipients. Make sure the Preview checkbox in the Share window is checked.


You have always two options for dispatching the share link: you can email the link directly from this window and specify specific link recipients in the "Add email" field, or you can copy and paste the link into another place (your email application, social media, your company’s website, etc.)

If you only need to specify a handful of link recipients, go with the first option. Enter the email addresses of the people who need to access this folder, enter a personal message, and click Send.


All recipients of the link will be directed to a public page page where the content in the folder can be previewed and downloaded.

  • Share folder link [View & download]

    If you check the View & download checkbox the recipients will be directed to a page where the files in the folder (incl. sub-folders) can be previewed, commented, and downloaded.

  • Share folder link [Upload]

    If you check the Upload checkbox the recipients will be directed to a branded upload page where anyone to upload files to your Filecamp account even if they aren’t a user. Read more.

Notice: If you check Save as default message the message you have entered will be used as template for future messages. The template will be saved on your computer only. Cool little feature for your personal email signature etc.

Vanity URL

With Vanity URLs you can replace the secure and encrypted text string in a share URL with the actual folder name, or a text of your own choice.

Here is an example:
Default share folder URL: “”
Vanity share folder URL: “”



How to share a folder through a shared link, and what the recipients see.

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Notice: Only users with permission to share files & folders can share folder links.